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Ideas to Decorate Home with Old/ Unusable items

Posted by Royal Sundaram on 04 Dec 2012

Your home doesn’t really talk much about your personality if it is not filled with pieces decorated by you. To give your home a personalized touch you don’t need to spend huge amounts in purchasing different artifacts. All you need to do is use your imagination and create a completely new item out of an old unusable product. Here are some ideas that’ll come in handy –

A table lamp makeover – If you’ve ever used wallpaper in your house, chances are you still have a sheet or two left. Now, you can use that to change the look of the boring table lamp in your room. To start with, remove the lampshade and keep it aside. Now using a spray paint coat the stem of the lamp. Using a textured spray paint will drastically change the look of your lamp. While the paint dries, cover the shade with the wallpaper, glue it properly. Give it a final touch with fringe, cording or ribbon.

A new side table from an old stool – In case you have an old faded stool that’s lying somewhere in the corner of a house, its time you make the most of it. Scrap of the old paint or any impurities off it with afine-grit sandpaper. Then take a few pieces of a broken mirror and stick it on the top of the table. Fill in the gaps with white cement. After the cement dries, paint the rest of the stool and white cement with a bright and vibrant colour that can reflect of the mirror. With a little effort you’ll have an all new side table without spending much.

Stunning art piece from old fabric – If you have a piece of fabric with a great pattern like patch work, bold print etc. then you can make a wonderful style statement with it. You’ll need a blank canvas square and a staple gun along with the fabric. Keep the fabric print-side down on a flat surface and lay the canvas square facedown on top.Hold the arrangement tight and secure it in place with a staple gun. Cut of the edges and you have yourself a wonderful artwork to put up on the wall.

Fancy vases out of old pots and jars – Old plastic pots and glass jars can be made into interesting looking vases with a little imagination added to it. You can paint these pots and jars in different styles or wrap them in hand-made paper. By working on interesting styles of packing old jars you can get yourself array of vases that can be placed on the centre table, kitchen, bedroom or wherever you like.

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