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Keep Your Home Clean and Protect Your Health

Posted by Royal Sundaram on 05 Sep 2012

Keep Your Home CleanKeeping your home clean is the top secret of staying healthy. Having a hygienic environment promotes healthy living. This means that you need to make sure you home is germ, dust and moisture free. It is not a very elaborate job. Just a few measures you take everyday can help you keep your home clean and healthy.

Here are a few tips that will come in handy –

Make sure you use safe non-toxic cleaners throughout the home
Just cleaning the home with a bucket of water makes no sense. Hence, we tend to add solutions like phenyl and floor cleaners. While these are excellent means of keeping your home clean, they could contain harmful chemicals. This is not a safe option for any home, especially one with kids. So, when you buy any kind of cleaners make sure they are free of any harmful chemicals. Consider products that are herbal.

Open windows for better air circulation
We normally avoid opening windows as we fear the influx of dirty and many more germs, but in reality there’s nothing worse than trapping any bad air inside the house. As we tend to use air-conditioners at home, we need to keep the windows shut. But this only promotes the growth of germs and moisture in the house resulting in an unhealthy climate. Opening your windows will allow you to have some air circulation and catch some fresh air.

Make sure your bathroom has a window you can open
There’s nothing worse than a moist bathroom to aggravate the growth of moisture and germs. So, install your bathrooms with windows that can be opened to let the moisture out and keep the place dry.

Have some plants indoors
As we know plants take in carbon-dioxide and give out oxygen, having them around the house will ensure you have cleaner air to breathe in. Visit a plant store next to your house and enquire which plants are the best to have indoors and are mostly easy to take care of.

With a few extra measures you can ensure you home is clean and healthy. The health of your home positively reflects on you as well.

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