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Keep your house healthy

Posted by Royal Sundaram on 08 Apr 2010

Keep your house healthyKeep your house healthy

When you walk into a home, and see the sunlight streaming through the French windows, and the green plants sitting pretty in their courtyard, you feel a sense of freshness in the air. The home seems alive, and bright and most important of it all, filled with a healthy atmosphere. Staying healthy starts from your living room and it is important to keep your house healthy as well.


To create the same ambience in your home, here is what you can do-

Dust & Mites: While nobody wants to hang out in a place full of dust mites and allergens, the best bet is to get it out and ensure it stays that way. Get down and dirty. Splurge on quality cleaning equipment.

Let the Air in: Thick drapes and picture windows are beautiful no doubt, but please shy not from the warmth of the morning sun. A friend once took ‘getting in fresh air’ a bit too far, in the process getting attacked by a swarm of bees from the honeycomb right outside the window, which was the culprit responsible for the darkness.

Beat the Toxins: Did you know the paint that covers your walls can emit lead derivatives? Go for lead-free paints. Install HEPA filter enabled AC for cleaner air.

Go Green: Art décor is good but don’t overdo it. A vase with fresh flowers or a little potted plant can do the trick.

De-clutter: Sounds like you heard this one too many times, but letting go of junk can be very cleansing (no pun!). And this goes for personal mementos too!

Did we mention de-clutter?! Can’t stress enough on it, can we!

Indeed, healthy living starts at home.

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