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Let Nothing Destroy the Home That Protects You

Posted by Royal Sundaram on 05 Sep 2012

Let Nothing Destroy the Home that protects youWhich is the place you want to head for after a hectic day? The answer for most of us will be ‘Home sweet home’. Our home provides us with a lot of essential things in life like shelter, protection; it is witness to all our good and bad times, holds a lot of emotional value etc. So what have you done to secure this precious haven of yours? If the answer is nothing, then its time you take the protection of your home a little seriously. A home insurance helps you protect your home against all possible perils.

Home insurance is a plan that ensures your home is secure against perils like fire, natural calamities like flood, inundation, lightning, rockslide, landslide, earthquake etc. that could ruin the structure.

Home contents insurance is a plan that ensures your home contents such as crockery, utensils, furniture, fixtures and home appliances such as refrigerator, washing machine, mixer-grinders, television etc. are covered against perils like fire & natural calamities.

Burglary and housebreaking perils
Another major threat that your home faces is that of burglary. In spite of the many robust security systems you put in place, thieves do tend to rob you of your possessions. Home Contents insurance offers cover against burglary and housebreaking perils. This gives you the much required peace of mind.

Electrical /Mechanical Breakdown
In an ordinary household occurrence of fire and burglary is a threat, though remote. But breakdown of household appliances is most common. It puts forks in the routine of every household and calls for immediate repair/replacement, as the case may be.  Home contents insurance provides cover against electrical or mechanical breakdown of household appliances and helps one to get it repaired/ replaced.

While it’s everyone’s dream to own a home, everyone’s prudent decision should be to cover it against any untoward loss or damage by opting for a suitable Home/ Home Contents Insurance. Even if one is in a rented home, the cover for home contents is the wisest choice.

Home insurance ensures that even if any calamity ruptures your priceless home, it can be revived soon with the help of insurance.

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