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Living in a greener home

Posted by Royal Sundaram on 04 Feb 2013

Every day, your home uses up a lot of resources through the various amenities you use to live comfortably. But in the course there’s also a lot of wastage of the energy as well. This is not just harmful for the environment but costs you a lot as well. So, by making a few adjustments in the way you use your regular appliances and other resources, you could make a huge difference not just to the environment but also to your monthly budget.


Here’s how you can do it –

Change your lights –

If you’re in love with dreamy yellow light bulbs, be warned they cost you the most in your electricity bills. Fluorescent light bulbs may be a little expensive to buy but they are worth the money as they save you lot electricity by using only a quarter of it. Also, they mostly come with a guarantee, so if the blow out before the guarantee period you can get them exchanged for free.

Turn off the light –

This may sound like the typical tip always given to save energy, but it hasn’t lost its charm. You need to practice this even after you switch to fluorescent bulbs, as there’s no excuse to waste energy. If you know you are not going to return to the room in 15 minutes or less, they switch of the light rather than wasting it on an empty room.

Recycle the things you can –

This does not need you to undertake a major project. At a small level you can make a big change. For instance, you can use the same water you used to wash clothes to clean the toilets, or use the waste from the kitchen as fertilizer for your garden. Also by segregating the waste in your house as dry waste and wet waste, and disposing it off accordingly, you can do the environment a big favor. Plus try to encourage your society to work out a recycle program for the larger good.

Use goods that last long –

Buying durable goods is a wonderful habit we consumers have, it’s not just great for our budget but for the environment as well. Using a cloth bag instead of a plastic one will be much better as it lasts long, can be mended if torn and doesn’t harm the environment too. Using reusable stuff like ceramic mugs instead of plastic and paper cups, disposable razors etc. will fetch you the similar benefit. Also, try and reduce the use of paper towels, plastic wraps, aluminum foils etc.

Check your faucets for drips –

Regularly check your bathroom and kitchen fixtures for drips. Repair one as soon as you identify. This will save you thousands of gallons of water every year and hundreds of rupees on your water bill as well.

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