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Make your home appliances more energy efficient

Posted by Royal Sundaram on 08 Mar 2013

Home We all know that the most energy consuming appliances in the home are washing machine, air-conditioners, refrigerators, computers etc. But misuse of such appliances will eventually lead to huge utility bills and gradual depletion of resources from the planet.

Here’s how you can make the highly energy inefficient appliances at home completely energy efficient –


TV, computers and music systems –

The standby mode you tend to keep your appliances on most of the time can contribute to a 10% increase in your electricity bills. By activating the power management function in appliances like TV, computers and music systems etc. This reduces the energy used by idle appliances as it puts the appliance in to sleep mode or turns them off after a period of non-activity. The best thing to do would be to turn off the appliance when not in use. Turning of phone chargers, microwave ovens, T.V etc. from the power point is a good habit to cultivate.

Refrigerators and washing machines –

These are huge appliances and understanding how you can best use them will ensure they function longer and better. This will also save money and energy, and reduce greenhouse gas emissions as well. Some things you need to keep in mind while operating them is position, cleaning, maintenance, standby power, power management and daily operation. For e.g. when using your refrigerator, try to keep it away from sunlight and other heated appliances, cool the food item at room temperature before placing in the refrigerator, keep the door as closed as possible to lock the cold air within. Similarly for washing machines select a mode that uses less water to wash clothes, wash a full load rather than many lots in different sessions, dissolve the powder detergent in water before putting it in the machine to improve efficiency.

Air-conditioners –

It’s close to summer times and the fans are being turned to full speed already. Very soon they will lose their charm and we’ll take course to air-conditioners to beat the heat. There are a few simple tricks by which you can reduce the energy consumption of this device.

•  Install the AC on the shady area of the building and ensure air circulation around all sides.
•  If you expect a hot day turn on the AC beforehand; it will work better when it’s cooler outside.
•  Keep all windows and doors closed when you switch it on, this will aid faster cooling.
•  Turn the adjustable louvers on the AC towards the ceiling when cooling the room. The cool air will fall down to lower the temperature in the room.

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