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Simple ways to give your home a colorful makeover

Posted by Royal Sundaram on 02 Mar 2012

Do you know that colors of your home influence your psychology and well-being? A dull color at home can create negative emotions. Thus it is very important to create a healthy home through colors.

So, in this season of Holi, iTalk brings to you several simple ideas that can give your home a colorful makeover:


Let’s begin with walls.

  1. Walls create the first impression. So, if the color of your wall is dull and worn out, change the color to a more vibrant one.
  2. If you are not ready to paint all the walls, painting at least a section of the wall with bright color would help. Now, you can also use textured paints which create magic pattern on your walls.
  3. Apart from painting you can also go in for murals or wallpapers for your rooms which create the ambience that you intend to accomplish.

Doors, Floor and Furniture

  1. With the walls being done let’s move to the doors and windows. Paint the borders, with the color contrasting to the wall.
  2. For windows, choose drapes that reach the floor, which even when open enhances your room color against the wall backdrop.
  3. For the floor, choose a floor rug that stands contrast to the wall color.
  4. Along with this change your cushion covers, table cloth, and bed spread, pillow covers to go in line with your theme.

Creating nostalgia

  1. With all this being done, it’s now time to add the emotional value. Allocate certain sections of your wall to hang colorful picture frames of various sizes.
  2. In these picture frames include family photos, artworks of your child and even certificates of your great achievements.
  3. Have various table top photo frames placed on tables, shelves with photos of your loved ones and create the nostalgic feel.

Nature and Fragrance

  1. Use waste plastic bottles to create colorful pen stands and flower vase and make the house even more attractive.
  2. In the flower vase that you just created place flowers of ecstatic colors, there is nothing on earth as colorful as flowers.
  3. Have numerous flower vases with vibrant flowers, place it creatively at different sections of the room, this brings home the love of nature.
  4. Also bring home certain plants which add beauty as well as brings fresh air.
  5. Colorful Scented Candles of low price are available in the market. Having a few in living room and bed room gives you the needed fragrance and color appeal.

Magic with Light

  1. Let’s create some magic with lights. Hang decorative lights from the center of your room, with dimmer switch. This creates the magical lighting experience.
  2. Along with the usual bulb lighting use decorative wall sconces that add the sparkle to your room.
  3. Bring a graceful touch and contemporary look by placing artistically designed candles in your living room and use lamp shades and bases of various pattern and designs to illuminate your lighting.

Following the above points should definitely help you in turning your home to a more colorful one this Holi. It is not necessary that you should be using all the above points, using some of these should help. As you are about to make your home more vibrant consider the protection of Royal Sundaram Home Insurance.

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