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The secrets of a Happy Home

Posted by Royal Sundaram on 03 Oct 2013

“Better a dry crust with peace and quiet than a house full of feasting, with strife”

Happy Home SecretsThe secrets of a happy home are coded within everybody’s mind – the need is to realize and work upon these innate and basic keys to human happiness. That mere financial security renders homes happy is a myth. However, it can’t be refuted that it is one of the ingredients all the same. The same is the case for other factors that help usher success and prosperity.



What are the Keys to a Happy Home?

The design of a happy home incorporates the different aspects of comfortable and healthy living. From the paint your walls have to the lights, choose actively and exercise proper discretion. The drawing room can have shades of red, yellow and even beige, since these are said to foster cordiality and healthy interaction within the home. Similarly, proper colors for other parts of the house also affect moods, activity, and do away with negativity. Also, try to have paints that are free from harmful compounds.

Even more important than artificial lights is sunlight. Have windows and outlets that face the sun so that you can have some sunlight throughout the day, especially in the winters. Nothing is as therapeutic as sunlight.

The importance of greenery inside the house is well known. It facilitates better breathing, brings coolness, and keeps smoke away. You can either have your own kitchen garden outside or potted plants inside the house. Several plants filter negativity and harmful substances in our homes.

Decorate your home with items to which you have a sentimental attachment. Yes, we can buy the most expensive decorations, but they cannot compare to those items that arouse some emotion in us. These may be photographs of your loved ones or that wall hanging your mom gifted you or the earthen vase that your 5-year-old painted for your birthday. Make your home an arcade of positive memories.

A happy home fosters security and relief at all times. Do not forego the importance of having an efficient security alarm at your house. These not only prevent burglary, but give you a sense of security. And for an added sense of security, don’t forget to take home insurance. After all, you would want to protect a place that you love so dearly.

Most importantly, spend time with your family. Celebrate every festival and plan happy moments together.

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