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Tips for Gardening in the Monsoons

Posted by Royal Sundaram on 03 Jul 2012

If gardening is your hobby, then your favourite season is just around the corner. Monsoons happen to be the best time to enjoy gardening and growing different plants. Planting trees around the rainy season reduces the pressure of establishment and maintenance. Also, the best way to prepare for monsoons is to plant new trees and prepare the existing plants to soak all the nourishment they need. Below are a few tips for gardening in the rains –

1. Stagnant water in the garden can rot plants easily. Hence, it is most important that you make sure the drainage system in your compound or garden is well maintained. Check for leaks and blockages before it starts raining heavily.

2. Consider planting trees that grow fast like Rain tree, Ficus varieties and Peltophorum. Apart from growing fast, they have thin stems and branch out to give good enough shade in a short period of time.

3. Like they taught us in school, earthworms are a farmer’s best friend. They not only aerate the soil with the holes they burrow to almost five feet under the ground; they also help to make the soil fertile. Have them around to help your garden.

4. Soon after summer, a gardener needs to do two important things – pruning and application of fertilizer. When the plants are lightened of the dead shoots on them, they spring fresh new shoots. The manure helps the plants to grow faster with a lot of nutrition.

5. Don’t forget to apply pesticides after your plants spring fresh shoots. The external application of these pesticides kills the pests that grow on fresh leaves.

6. It is a known fact that monsoons encourage the growth of insects. Hence, it becomes important to gather them to prevent the harm they might cause. Attracting them by means of light and placing a bowl full of kerosene below will help to eliminate them.

7. Give your indoor plants a break. Set them outside in the monsoons for a breath of fresh air and a shower, they will love the humidity.

8. Use these little tips to have a lush green garden in the rains where you can sip tea peacefully in rainy evenings.

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