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Turn your home to a fun place for kids and teens this Christmas

Posted by Royal Sundaram on 06 Dec 2011

What comes to your mind when you think about holiday season in December?  You might be one of those saying, being at home, having fun time with friends and family, memorable occasions etc.

But that may not be the case for many parents; it can be a tough season.  Both schools and colleges giving a break for kids, during this time of the year, one would always look for ways of keeping their kids occupied in new and exciting ways.

Here, we have sorted down few simple ways which can make your home a fun place for kids and teens.

Do’s to make your home a fun place for kids

  1. Set a theme to your kid’s room according to their taste and interests. If painting is required, paint it. After all it is ‘your’ kid’s room.
  2. Be it Spiderman or Cinderella; get a mural done according to the theme. This would make your kids feel like they are living with their mates.
  3. Give adequate space for kids to play around and do some craft work in his room.
  4. Browse through sites and get interesting puzzles, games, craft materials and keep it ready for holidays.
  5. Even furniture can add that additional sparkle to your kid’s room. So choose the right chairs, desks and racks according to his stature and the theme set.
  6. Place some fairy tale books on desks and side tables. This can indirectly cultivate the habit of reading in your kid.
  7. Frame you child’s artwork in his room. This would make him feel important and unique.

Do’s to make your home a fun place for teens

  1. Understand that your teenager would love to be with his friends more, so have a room specially allocated for them. This would be a great head start in making your home a fun place.
  2. Make the room theme based according to the interests of your teenager. Begin with a colored bedspread and pillows that match the idea.
  3. Decorate the walls with your teenager’s childhood photos, his art works, or wallpaper that goes with the theme of the room.
  4. Create conducive environment for your teenager to do things. Be it reading, craft making, or any hobby that fascinates him.
  5. Arrange the furniture and cupboard in such a way that they have more space to move inside the room. This would not make your teenager to feel cramped to bring his friends.
  6. Load the room with some entertainment.  Even an ipod or a computer with a speaker would be enough for your teenager to make his room a place to hang out with friends.
  7. Let your teenager play with lights. Decorate the room with some fairy lights or hang some lantern around the room. This would add that glamorous touch and the modern look for the room.
  8. Let your teenager do most of these settings, even that can keep him busy and shape his/her place as per his/her taste.

Using these above tip can help in building a happier environment for your kids and teens. Don’t forget to protect your ‘home, sweet home’ with Royal Sundaram’s Home Insurance.

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