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Do you always wonder looking at your balcony, if you can use it for something else other than hanging your clothes and dumping unused items and make it a bit beautiful?  If you are ready to spend some time from your busy schedule, we can share a few ideas, how you can turn your balcony to a small and beautiful garden. Don’t think you have time? Use the extra day that you get this month to set up some greenery in your balcony and make it a place for relaxation.


Balcony Garden:

  • To make a balcony garden, the things you would require are pots or containers, soil, compost, and seeds.
  • Fill the pot with an inch of gravel and then put the soil in the pot to drain excess water from pot. Place it in a saucer to avoid your balcony becoming messy.
  • Depending on the position of your balcony, you should choose plants. For example, if your balcony receives a lot of sunshine, you can choose Gazania which blooms in vibrant shades of yellow, orange, and pink with green foliage.
  • Some plants need compost to be mixed in the soil while some others need the compost to be left on the surface.
  • To help the seeds germinate, cover a clear plastic bag and keep in place with the help of an elastic band.

Hanging Baskets:

  • Hanging baskets can be used to utilize the vertical space of your balcony. You need a basket with holes, side panels that can be fitted to the holes, a chain to hang the basket, water retaining gel, and controlled release plant food.
  • Fill in the basket with compost (mixed with the gel) until it levels with the holes. Carefully place the plants such as pansy into the holes, being cautious not to damage the fragile stems.
  • Attach the side panels and put it in place.
  • Continue filling the basket until the top and evenly space the plants on the top to avoid crowding.
  • Keep watering and then you will see some colours blooming.

Rare Plant Varieties:

  • You can grow an indoor herb garden by planting chives, basil, coriander, lavender, parsley, mint and thyme. Growing coriander and curry leaves may turn handy for cooking.
  • You can grow mosquito repellent plants such as Ageratum, Rosemary, Marigolds, Basil, and Catnip. These plants will not jeopardize your health and mosquitoes detest these plants.
  • You can grow basil in containers along with other plants and it will keep flies away.
  • You can grow mint to keep both ants and mice out of your home. Isn’t that interesting?

Garden Artifacts:

  • You can conceal soil exposed by single upright plant, by adding river stones, terracotta pebbles, glass marbles, or moss.
  • You can place the back row of your pots on a brick to add height and get a better view.
  • You can place urns, pottery, statuary, lanterns, fountains, or stone birds to make your garden more pleasant.

Spend that one day to turn a balcony into a garden of your choice. Once you set your garden, you only need to wait patiently to see the great burst of color in your balcony. Consider Royal Sundaram’s Home Insurance Online, to protect your beautiful home against unseen damage and destruction.

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