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Adding little water at vessel base avoids milk from sticking at the base. Read More

Tips to choose airline seat

Answer this! Would you ever like to be in a bird cage while traveling in an air plane? We bet that you would never dream of doing such a thing. But making a wrong choice of airline seat can put you in Read More

Tips to relieve computer eye strain

A majority of computer users these days are prone to eyestrain problems like headaches, blurred vision and other symptoms which have come to be known as ‘Computer Vision Syndrome’. Following are s Read More

Why shouldn’t you use your mobile while driving?

Let’s do this! Close your ears and eyes with a black shawl. Now check whether you can walk on a straight line. Caution! While trying this you may face fatigue. Because, anatomy teaches that when we Read More

Escape to the landscapes of Kenya

Kenya’s reputation as the quintessential wildlife safari destination is well deserved. Kenya is a region of dramatic contrasts with pristine landscapes of great beauty, unique geographical features Read More

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