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Today is World Environment Day! Do your bit for the environment today…

The theme for the 2010 World Environment Day is Many Species. One Planet. One Future. Have you done your bit for the environment. Today is world environment day. A day marked by the United Nations to Read More

Did you know, the temperature at which you wash your clothes can impact the climate?

For a very long time, I was using my washing machine at the default water temperature of 30 degrees, and one fine morning I realized that if I select the normal temperature mode, I end up saving 1 min Read More

Car care before you leave it unused for a long time

Leaving your car unused for long periods of time can have a damaging effect the vehicle. A slow deterioration sets in and can create problems when you want to drive the car again.Besides the exterior Read More

Get the best exchange rates while travelling abroad

Commissions, credit card surcharges, ATM fees are some of the extras you may have to incur while exchanging currencies.How can you minimize these expenses and get the best exchange rate when travellin Read More

Keeping a clean home with pets around! Is it possible?

Keeping a home spotlessly clean with a pet around can be quite a struggle. Your pet can accidentally leave stains and odours, which can turn out to be quite a task. Here are some ideas that could ease Read More

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