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5 Important Tips to Reduce Cost On Your Travel Insurance

Posted by Royal Sundaram on 09 Dec 2019

Traveling has become an important part of our life in the past few decades, be it for leisure or work. While planning a holiday, all we think about is making flight ticket booking and hotel accommodation. But, we tend to overlook the most important thing i.e., travel insurance.

A travel insurance provides coverage against exigencies that may arise due to an unfortunate event while traveling domestically or internationally. These uncertainties include accident, ticket cancellation, lost baggage, etc. Although, before buying a travel insurance, take a look at these below pointers that will help you reduce cost on your travel insurance โ€“


Buy Travel Insurance Online

It is advisable to buy travel insurance plan online as it will help you compare quotes and find the right policy that covers all your needs at an affordable price.

Be honest with the insurance company

Always be honest with the insurer about your health. Mention clearly if you have any pre-existing medical condition. This might cost you now, but will help you save a thousand later.

Avoid paying for the cover you donโ€™t need

This is yet another important factor that will help you reduce cost on your travel insurance. A travel insurance covers you against medical emergencies that may arise while traveling anywhere in India. But, most insurance companies include myriad of benefits under the policy which may not be useful and increases the cost of travel insurance too.

Avoid buying from travel booking agents

Buying a travel insurance through a travel agent is an expensive affair. A travel agent might lure you with several benefits offered under the policy. But, do not accept their offer in one go as their policy might be costly and do not offer much coverage too.

Shop around to get the best deal

Shop around and find the best travel insurance plan at great deal and discount. Compare different policies online and choose the one that suits your needs.


On the whole, these are some of the tips that will help you save a lot on your travel insurance. Besides, if you are planning to buy a travel insurance policy online, then go for Royal Sundaram; we offer comprehensive travel insurance plan online at affordable prices.

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One response to “5 Important Tips to Reduce Cost On Your Travel Insurance”

  1. Rohita says:

    One of the best way to reduce travel expenses by buying a travel insurance which provides coverage against exigencies due to an unfortunate event while traveling domestically or internationally. Before buying a travel insurance make sure that this should help you to reduce travel cost.

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