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5 Ways Solo Travelers Benefit from Travel Insurance

Posted by Royal Sundaram on 04 May 2017

5 Ways Solo Travelers Benefit from Travel Insurance

Be it hiking alone through the Indonesian rain-forests or exploring rural Europe on foot all by yourself, solo travel has its own rewards. Everybody should take a solo trip once in their life. You will realize your inner strength and character as you face all obstacles and events by yourself.

While it is enriching to experience all aspects during a trip, a little help is always welcome, isn’t it. That’s why solo travellers should always buy a travel insurance before they embark on their trip. Let us understand a bit more.

  1. Your entire trip is covered

One of the best features of travel insurance is their cover duration. Most insurers cover single trips up to 180 days. You can travel and enjoy for a mere three days or for a month, you are assured of a cover.

  1. It covers your health

When you travel solo, you have to take care of yourself. There’s no friend to give you a pill for a headache. However, there are occasions when a more serious health scare may happen, that’s when your insurance is your best friend. It covers health concerns such as:

  • Arrangement of hospital admissions
  • Cover the expenses for diagnostic tests, prescribed medicines, and emergency surgeries.
  • Provides emergency medical evacuation if need arises.
  • Cost of transportation to health facilities is covered.

These are some of the many medical benefits which your travel policy provides.

  1. Your trip interruptions are taken care of

Imagine you are off on your trip but you are stranded at the airport because the connecting flight is delayed. A scenario which is common to many solo travellers. While you wonder what to do if the flight is delayed for a lot of time, you can contact your travel insurer. They cover you for food, beverages clothing, and toiletries.

  1. So are your trip cancellations

If a delayed flight is annoying, imagine missing out on your solo trip you had planned for all these months. There are emergencies which may strike without any warning and cause you to cancel your trip. An insured solo traveller needn’t worry for lost finances because the insurer will cover it if the cancellation is justified.

  1. Theft and loss are covered too

Airlines delaying your baggage is a frustrating, what’s worse is airlines losing your baggage. It is an experience which not many want to go through.

Another such incident is of theft when you are travelling.

As a solo traveller, you have to take care of everything yourself and such experiences are annoying.

From reimbursing for baggage loss to covering your necessary expenses, a travel insurance works wonders here too.

When you are off on a solo trip, remember to buy an insurance. You will have a safety net over your shoulder for the entirety of your trip.

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