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Are you on a look-out for escaping to a summer retreat? Why not trek on the world’s highest mountain range or small talk with the descendants of one of the world’s ancient civilizations.

Nepal is nestled amidst the greatest heights of the Himalaya, on the valleys of Kathmandu. It is home to the yaks and yetis, stupas and Sherpas and one of the best trekking spots on earth. Out of the 14 peaks in the world that are over 8000 meters, 8 are in Nepal. Its also culturally rich as the Kathmandu, Patan and Bhaktapur kingdoms of Nepal are host to a world-class artistic and architectural heritage.

Places to visit:

Ichangu Narayan (Vishnu shrine) is built around 1200c.c, in the two-tiered pagoda style and its courtyard is dotted with ancient Garuda statues and other Vaishnavite symbols.

Swayambhunath in the Kathmandu Valley is the greatest Buddhist temple also known as ‘Monkey Temple’

Visit Tansen to tour ancient temples and visit traditional villages

At Lumbini you can meditate on the nature of existence at the birthplace of the Buddha

Activities ‘To-Do’:

The Annapurna Circuit is a favorite with trekkers and mountaineers, world over. Only in Nepal can you trek for weeks without the need even for a tent.

Not lured by the mountains? Get your adrenaline kick from world-class white-water rafting, kayaking on the Bhote Kosi river or take ride on the mountain bike.

Are you a nature-lover? Don’t miss out on the spine-tingling sight of your first tiger or rhino in Royal Chitwan National Park.

People who visit Nepal for its adventure, beauty and tranquility are also equally enchanted by the friendly and outspoken Nepali people. Nepal is an amazingly diverse country that offers something for everyone. A journey through this land at the foot of the ‘Abode of Snows’ (Himalaya in Sanskrit) is an experience worthwhile.

Best time to visit:

Autumn (September to November) and spring (March to May) bring almost perfect weather and are definitely the best times to come to Nepal.

Entry via India

All of the land borders between India and Nepal are in the Terai. The most popular crossing point is Sunauli, near Bhairawa, which provides easy access to Delhi and Varanasi in India.

By air

Kathmandu is the site of Nepal’s only international airport, Tribhuvan Airport (4472 256).

Nepal is a traveler-friendly country. All entry points to Nepal offer visas on arrival and money exchange.

When you plan on a trip with your loved ones, it’s thoughtful to insure your journey with Royal Sundaram Travel Insurance.

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