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All you wanted to know about Travel Insurance!

Posted by Royal Sundaram on 30 Nov 2010

A Travel Insurance Policy means if you break your leg or fall ill when abroad, your insurer will take care of your bills. Travel Insurance also covers baggage loss, loss of travel documents like passport, visa etc. Apart from taking care of you when you are abroad, this policy also takes care of your Home in India while you are on the trip.
In this article we answer some of the commonly asked questions on this topic. Read on…


1. I am travelling abroad; I want to buy Travel Insurance which covers overseas health emergencies. Does the policy entitle me to a cashless facility or reimbursement?

Yes. You will be entitled to a cashless medical facility up to the sum insured amount for which you have insured yourself and your fellow travelers against medical emergencies. For more clarity do click here to read the policy features and benefits of our travel insurance product.

2. When I am abroad, in the case of a claim notification, whom should I contact?

In the case of a claim, you can contact the toll free numbers of your Service Providers in the country of your visit. If you are unable to contact the service provider and need additional support, you can contact the insurance company in India.

3. To what extent will I be able to avail of Medical Cover/ illness?

Your medical cover will be to the extent of sum insured that you may have opted for as per the plan and premium that you would have paid for. For example: If your sum insured is $50,000, you will be entitled to benefits as per this plan. Please ensure that you read the policy terms and conditions before you buy your travel insurance. Most of the insurance companies do not cover any pre-existing diseases that you might have had.

4. Does the insurance also cover any dental pain/ emergencies?

Dental emergencies are covered up to a certain limit, say $200. It would be prudent to check out what is available in the market and doing a quick browsing of general insurance websites will be able to give you the correct information.

5. If I buy regular travel insurance for a period of 180 days or more; will it help in covering my son/ daughter’s overseas education related medical emergencies and other related coverage?

A student studying abroad may get certain medical benefits out of regular travel insurance, but will not be able to avail of additional features that are available in a Student Medical Travel insurance product. You may check out for Student Medical Travel insurance in the market.

6. Can I buy Travel Insurance that will offer protection and coverage for Single Trip and Multi Trips?

Yes. There are specific plans for Single Trip and Multi Trips

7. What are the procedures/steps involved in Travel Insurance; if I am applying Visa for a trip to Germany?

Usually Overseas Travel Insurance is common to all countries. But certain countries may have specific information about rules and regulations pertaining to your travel insurance, so please ensure that you go through these documents and then plan for your travel insurance.

8. I am an NRI living in Doha, will your overseas travel insurance policy allow me to buy the product and avail of all benefits arising out of Overseas Medical Cover?

An NRI cannot buy Overseas Medical Cover policies offered by Indian General Insurance Companies. Travel Insurance policies cover only trips made by Resident Indians from India to foreign countries. NRIs will get medical cover based on the rules and regulations of his/her employer in the country where work-permit has been given as per the local government’s health policy.

S.K Rangaswamy, Head Underwriter (Retail – Health), Royal Sundaram

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