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Does Your Travel Insurance Cover Your Home Too?

Posted by Royal Sundaram on 04 May 2017

Does Your Travel Insurance Cover Your Home Too

Travelling abroad bestows upon you a lot of responsibilities, about the things you are moving towards as well as the ones that you are leaving behind you. You will probably find it difficult to have complete peace of mind if you don’t feel secured.

Why Do You Need A Travel Insurance?

A travel insurance plays a major role by protecting your trip against any hassles like—medical emergencies, baggage loss/delays, trip cancellation/delays, etc. During any such troublesome situation, your insurance company will provide proper guidance to help you get through it, while also covering the related expenses. But that’s not it, your insurance plan can also provide coverage for your home, up to a specified amount.


Why Do You Need To Cover Your Home, Under Your Travel Insurance?

Any incident that is likely to harm your residence in your absence like house breaks, fire related incidents, theft, etc., makes the home protection clause under travel insurance an essential requirement. Royal Sundaram Travel Insurance is one of the very few insurance providers in India who also insure your home, under the same policy.

In case of damage or loss of any item, your company will pay on the basis of its market value, up to the sum insured. Some companies may repair or replace the damage, instead of paying for them.


What Is Your Responsibility After You Insure Your House?

Having your home covered does not imply that you should leave your residence exposed to any form of danger, deliberately. You should take reasonable care of your property, like appointing a watchman, shutting off all electricity/gas outlets, carefully locking the house before you leave and other such measures. It is important to remember that claims are only accepted when they are fully justified.

Also, any unfortunate incident that gives rise to a claim should be notified to the insurance company at the earliest. At first, you can repost the incident on their toll free number, but it is advisable to send it in writing as soon as you find time to do the same. In addition, lodge a complaint about the lost items or damaged property with the police. You will require to attach this report with your claim form, as an evidence.


What Are The Exclusions That Can Lead To The Rejection Of Your Claim?

  • Ø Ideally, your insurance company won’t cover your house if it is left unoccupied for more than 90 days.
  • Ø If any family member or housemaid is involved in house-breaking, chances are that it will complicate the situation and might lead to your claim rejection.
  • Ø Motor vehicles, livestock and any other valuables in your house are not covered under this plan.

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