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Be an Earth-friendly globe trotter

Posted by Royal Sundaram on 22 Mar 2011

Travelling rejuvenates and exhilarates your mind. However, one may be unknowingly hurting Mother Earth during travel. Case in point – the majestic Himalayas; it was once an unconquered territory is today polluted with Oxygen tanks, plastics, food wrappers, tins, etc.

So here are some tips which would help you reduce your Carbon footprint and be the green traveller.


Avoid flights – Flights use a lot of fuel, thus the CO2 released is much higher. For the same distance, flights emit 8 times more CO2 than a bus. As the distance, speed and height at which the flight travels increases, the CO2 emitted is also higher.

Thus, if you can avoid flying, it’s better. Take a bus or a train instead.

Use public transport – Using public transport to reach from Point A to Point B is not only cheaper, but greener too. Avoid taxis; take a bus or local train.

Carpool – If you plan to drive to a destination, make sure that there are no empty seats. When you carpool, you reduce your carbon footprint by 75%. And travelling with friends is more fun than travelling alone!

Don’t throw – Don’t throw polythene bags and food wrappers out of the bus or train, when travelling. Carry a polythene or newspaper bag with you and discard all waste at the station. There is a better chance that it will be recycled!

Re-use water bottles – Don’t throw packaged water bottles; re-use it by re-filling with purified drinking water at stations (if available). If you plan to stay at a place for a long duration, instead of buying a water bottle every single time, go for a can. It would also cost you less. That’s green savings!

Carry re-usable items – Carry re-usable coffee mugs, plates, etc, which you can just wash and re-use. Disposable glasses and paper cups may seem handy but are unfriendly to the environment.

Conserve resources at hotel – When you use the air-conditioning, keep the temperature at a higher level (26 degrees is comfortable enough). Switch off lights and fans when not in use. Use water optimally.

Plant a tree – CO2 is for plants, what Oxygen is to us. A tree will use up upto 1200 kg of CO2 in its lifetime. Reduce your ungreen karma by planting a tree, either at the destination or back home.

So the next time you book your ticket for a holiday, plan how you can make the trip eco-friendly. Let’s leave this planet beautiful for several generations to come!

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