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How to Ensure Environment Protection When Travelling?

Posted by Royal Sundaram on 31 Oct 2013

Did you know that air travel causes 2-3% of the global carbon emissions? If you’re thinking you can reduce the environmental damage by travelling by road instead, think again. Vehicles are the next worst offenders, after aircrafts. Does this mean you stop travelling? Certainly not!

With Diwali around the corner, the number of people travelling is likely to increase. Some of us may be travelling to go to our hometowns, while others may be planning a vacation with family. However, when you plan your trip, ensure that you’re conscious about ‘sustainable tourism’. This Diwali, gift your loved ones a cleaner and safer Earth!

Eco Friendly Travel

Tips to Doing Your Bit for the Good of the Environment

Green travel does not take a huge amount of effort. Here are some simple things that you can do to ensure that you are being good to Mother Earth, while still having a lot of fun on your trip.

Choose a Direct Route: When purchasing flight tickets, choose a direct route rather than one with a stopover. This not only reduces your travel time, but also your carbon footprint. Also, consider opting for airplanes that consume less fuel.

Be a Turn off: No, not literally! What we mean is, if you are going to leave an empty house behind, remember to switch off all lights and fans before you leave. Unplug all appliances, including your TV, computer, microwave and, if possible, even the refrigerator. This could save a lot of energy while you’re gone. 

Go Public: You may need to fly to your destination, but for all other travel, try and use mass public transport. For instance, when travelling to the airport or to your hotel, when going around in your destination city, consider using mass buses or shuttle services, if available. If the distance is short, walking could also be great exercise, especially recommended for those of us who have sedentary jobs.

Stay Good: Yes, you can find resorts and hotels that speak of being eco-friendly. Green Globe certified hotels are effective with energy and water conservation.

Buy Local: Did you know that eating the local cuisine can help protect the environment? Yes, this is true because other types of food may require the ingredients to be transported to your destination. Even when you are shopping, try to pick things made by the locals. These could serve as great souvenirs as well.

Added to the tips above, you could also make some small, yet meaningful contributions by refusing plastic bags, reusing plastic bottles and carrying trash bags to clean up the litter. A few simple gestures can go a long way to keeping the environment healthy.

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