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Essentials to carry while traveling

Posted by Royal Sundaram on 05 Oct 2012

Sure, you don’t need to pack the entire house with you on the trip, but a few home essentials are indispensable. They only add to your comfort on the trip and keep you prepared for any big or small emergency. Some essentials that you should pack with you are –

Mini iron: Yes, we’ve seen those ads promoting how important it is to have a traveling iron, but overlooked it as we never through we’d need it. But, investing in one is a great idea, especially for frequent travelers. It is the best means of ensuring you are always smartly dressed no matter how cramped your packing is. Also, you’d safe a lot on the laundry service of the hotel. Moreover, an iron can even help you dry your damp clothes. You can carry your regular iron, but a mini iron will only be easier to handle as it is less bulky and will take less space.

Voltage Converter and Plug Adapters: This is a must for overseas travelers. All your electronic equipment like cell phone, laptop, tablet, digital camera etc. will require plug adapters. Since voltage may be a problem in some places, carry a voltage converter to be on the safe side. Most of the gadgets are dual voltage, but others need a voltage converter.

First aid box: This is the most indispensable item that you need to pack with you. You never know what health hazards you may encounter as you are exposed to a different climate and cuisine. Hence, carrying a few basic medicines will help you to nib any serious health condition at bud. Stuff your kit with antiseptic lotions, creams, band aids, pills for stomach infection, body aches, fever, headaches and any prescribed medicine by your family doctor.

Rain gear: A rain gear is a must have especially if you are visiting a region that is known to receive showers frequently throughout the day. Collapsible umbrellas, water-repellent jackets, ponchos and folding hats, all these will let you tread along even when it pours.

Personal Toiletries: What you carry under this section varies from person to person. Mostly people tend to pack toilet soaps of the brand they are comfortable with, shampoos, conditioners, shaving creams etc. Although, hotels provide with such essentials, it is always good to use the brands you are comfortable with.

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