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Everything you need to know about multi-trip insurance

Posted by Royal Sundaram on 12 Jun 2018


As more and more people catch on to the urging wanderlust, long extended vacations which cover multiple destinations become more and more prominent. Many are not satisfied by just travelling to one destination. This is not just it, with the insurgence of commercial businesses, the need for work travel is also increasing steadily. This further accounts for multiple trips one after the other.

Given that the intensity of travel is increasing, there is also a growing need for multi-trip insurance. There are various benefits of getting a multi-trip insurance, but not many consider it before they travel. Hence, before you head out on your next long holiday, get a multi-trip insurance policy to ensure your trip goes smoothly.

Here is everything you need to know about these policies.

Who is this policy meant for?

This policy is largely meant for frequent business travellers who undertake multiple trips a year. With globalisation and commercialisation, the need for international business travel has increased. Hence, insurance companies are adopting their policies to suit the growing demand.

How long do these policies last?

These policies are specially designed for frequent travellers. The travel duration in a single trip could be classified into 30/45/60 or even 90 days. Most people prefer to buy an annual multi-trip policy, which will allow for multiple travels within the period of a year, with total travelled days not exceeding 180 days.

Who can buy this policy?

Each policy provider will have different eligibility criteria for their policy offering. However, some of the most common requirements are:

  • * Minimum age of the application/policyholder should be 18 years or above.
  • * Your health condition should be good.
  • * The policyholder can travel multiple times within the limit of 365 days. However, each trip should be in the duration of 30/45/60/90 days. One should ensure that the policyholder cannot be abroad for more than 180 days, in a policy year

Where all can you travel with this policy?

This is different for different policy providers. Check with your insurance company to ensure that they cover the countries that you will be travelling to. The most popular nations covered are the Schengen countries and the cities in America. Other than that, you are required to confirm the destinations included in your policy.

What does the multi-trip insurance cover?

Most policies have a slight difference here and there. However, like most insurance policies, there are certain inclusions that distinguish a comprehensive policy from a mediocre one:

  • * Medical Expenses – When you are travelling abroad and come into a situation which requires medical attention. There are hospitalisation expenses, OPD, Practitioner’s expenses, medical evacuation to the nearest destination or to India.
  • * Some policies also cover dental expenses that have been incurred on the trip.
  • * Daily cash allowance in case you have been hospitalised for a period for over 2 days.
  • * Delay of checked-in baggage, loss of checked-in baggage, loss of passport, trip delay due to natural calamities, are some other expenses that are covered in your insurance policy.

When you apply for a multi-trip insurance policy, it is essential for you to check the details of your policy. You should know the inclusions and exclusions of your policy properly so that you can make the best use out of it. Multi-trip insurance policies allow you to cut down on time and the need to take up multiple insurance policies.

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