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Travelling is a fantastic experience. You get to visit amazing sights, taste delicious cuisines, and experience new cultures. It is one of the most enriching experiences you can go through.

However, to travel without a travel insurance can  turn this enriching experience into an expensive one. To buy a travel plan before you leave is best but make sure you buy the RIGHT one. Here are five common mistakes you should avoid while you buy such a plan.


  1. 1. Buying a Low Cover to Save Money
  • Ø Many people buy a low cover travel insurance to save money. This is a mistake.
  • Ø You need to keep the destination in mind when you decide on a sum insured of a travel plan.
  • Ø For instance, medical expenses are exorbitant in western nations such as USA and England. If you are heading there, buy a travel plan with a large sum insured.
    If you are visiting a nation such as the Philippines, you can go for a lower sum as medical costs are cheaper.
  • Ø Apart from medical expenses, you should also factor in the frequency of natural disasters such as earthquakes or floods, terrorist activities, and crime levels of the place you intend to visit.
  • Ø Do adequate research on your destination before you buy a travel insurance and its cover amount.


  1. 2. Not Disclosing Medical Information
  • Ø Travel insurance plans cover your health when you are travelling.
  • Ø However, most plans do not cover pre-existing illnesses. If you have such an illness and you do not disclose it, any claim which arises out of those illnesses is likely to get rejected.
  • Ø If you are hospitalised abroad due to an undisclosed illness, your plan won’t cover your bills and you will have to bear all medical expenses.
  • Ø Thus, it is prudent to disclose any medical conditions you have before you embark on your trip.


  1. 3. Doing Things Not Covered By Travel Insurance
  • Ø While a travel plan will insure you for most unforeseen events and make sure you stay safe; there are a few things which travel plans do not cover.
  • Ø These things can include injuries arising from adventure sports or any medical expenses arising from drunken activities.
  • Ø It is prudent that you do not perform such activities for your claim will get rejected.


  1. 4. Not Reading the Claims Procedure
  • Ø When people buy a travel plan, they scan the document for all things covered and not with a keen eye. The claims procedure however is not given enough attention that it requires.
  • Ø The procedure to file a claim is one aspect of a travel plan you definitely should understand.
  • Ø What documents and bills you need to attach? Whom to contact? Is there a time limit? Such questions can cause panic at the time of filing a claim.
  • Ø Ensure you read the claims procedure with complete concentration.

A travel insurance is handy because it comes to your aid when you face unexpected events while you are travelling. Its many features and benefits ensure you stay safe and secure. Make sure you buy the right one.

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