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Health precautions for a smooth travel

Posted by Royal Sundaram on 15 Mar 2010

Dreaming of a holiday abroad is far easier and simpler than actually planning and organizing the same. At the car park, we caught up with a flustered Seema Raj, our Finance Manager. She vented out saying she was planning a holiday and the amount of documentation was overwhelming.

While travelling abroad, for the visa processing, yellow fever certificates were required. This meant multiple visits to the doctor, wait for lab results and compiling all the documents together. She was also advised to get basic immunizations for tetanus, diphtheria, mumps, measles, rubella, influenza updated. For certain countries, a check for cholera, hepatitis A, hepatitis B, rabies, and typhoid fever was also a must

She shared with us some of the requirements for international travel,

Travelling to South America, then Hepatitis A and B [especially for children who have not had it as a child] along with Yellow fever vaccination is recommended. If you have been in contact with wild or domestic animals, then Rabies shots were needed. Typhoid vaccine was required for travel to Argentina, while it wasn’t required for Peru and Bolivia. The vaccines should be taken 10 days before you travel.

Incase you are eyeing the exotic Italy, Rome, Finland or other parts of Europe, you will need to get your basic health check done, and vaccine for Hepatitis A, and tick-borne encephalitis. Whereas, Turkey requires a whole gamut of certificate, similar to that of South America. If Spain is part of your itinerary, then make sure to get a Rabies shot before applying for visa.

When we enquired about the Middle East, Seema let out a big sigh saying they had maximum rules with reference to health checks. One need to confirm primary courses and boosters are up to date and vaccine similar to above mentioned. Visitors to Hajj have to produce vaccine against meningococcal infections, the 2009/10 seasonal influenza and polio for all pilgrims less than 15yrs of age from – Afghanistan, Angola, Chad, Democratic Republic of Congo, India, Myanmar, Niger, Nigeria, Pakistan, Somalia and Sudan.

The only places without any tall order were Egypt, Jordan and Israel, however they strongly encourage visitors to consult a doctor to ensure health is in order.

Now, with Swine flu in the air, most countries insist on a clean certificate against the H1N1 before entry.

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