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Travel protection in the era of coronavirus

The world is steadily bouncing back to normal; the airports are tending to flights and passengers once again, and our travel plans are back in the making! So where to, now? Wherever you may want to go now, be sure you’ve got your COVD-19 safety kit with you. According to the WHO, the risk of infection on an aeroplane comes only from direct contact with a co-passenger who might be infected. So, while the aircraft ventilation system itself is safe, all you need to do is keep a safe distance from everyone, and trust your sanitizer, mask and gloves just so that you can worry less about the virus and enjoy more on your holiday!

Another important precaution in this regard is to buy travel insurance. Travel insurance will cover you against emergencies, medical expenses and unforeseen situations, which might arise when you are travelling amidst the pandemic or otherwise.

By following some simple steps, you can be sure to stay safe and enjoy the beautiful world.

10 things you must keep in mind for your next air travel experience.

Avoid countries majorly affected with the virus: Coronavirus has impacted more than 188 countries and territories globally. However, there are multiple other countries that have not been hit so hard by COVID-19. So, as a wise traveller, avoid visiting countries like the U.S.A, Brazil, Russia, Spain, Italy, etc. Instead choose to explore less impacted nations like Seychelles, New Zealand, Bhutan, Taiwan, Vietnam, etc.

Get a travel policy: As soon as you finalise your travel plans, immediately apply for a reliable travel insurancetravel insurancepolicy like Travel Secure by Royal Sundaram will protect you from unforeseen circumstances, including medical and non-medical emergencies. Even though travel insurance during COVID-19 does not protect you from the virus itself, it offers you the much-needed financial and medical aid.

Choose seats wisely: If possible, while booking your flight tickets, choose a window seat. You can avoid maximum germs by opting for a window seat. Also, be sure to remain seated for the duration of the flight and use the washroom, only when needed.While in the flight, ensure you sanitise all surfaces that you would be likely to touch.

 Make your inventory list:  Before getting on the flight to discover the land of your dreams, prepare well. List down everything you would need to keep yourself safe. Be sure to include masks and other protective equipment, a sanitizer, a disinfectant, tissues, etc.

 Dress to the occasion: Yes, it is important to wear clothes that are not only travel-friendly but also minimise your contact with the world. Best to go for an attire that has long-sleeves, is full-length, etc. Avoid wearing jewellery or carrying accessories along, unless specifically required. Also, please make sure to wear your mask and if possible, other protective equipment like gloves, face shield, etc.

 Minimise human contact: Now is the time to make use of all the technology possible while travelling. Go for web-check in, automated boarding pass printing and carry your entertainment in a digital form along with chargers, etc. Minimise human contact in all forms. Also, it is advisable to carry your own food and water during the flight.

 Avoid touching surfaces or objects outside: When out and about, be careful to not touch surfaces or objects outside. This includes all types of surfaces such as door handles, tables, chairs, taps, handrails, etc. In case, you touch any public surface, sanitise or wash your hands with soap and water immediately. And in the meanwhile, refrain from touching your mouth, face or any other body part or belongings, directly.

 Maintain social distancing: A very important precaution to take while travelling in these times is to maintain a distance of at least 1 metre from another person. This concept is known as social distancing. Social distancing aims to curb the spread, morbidity and mortality due to the virus. Also, it is preferable to avoid crowded places or public platforms, while you are on a trip.

 Perform frequent hand hygiene: While travelling in the era of the coronavirus, it is vital to perform hand hygiene, as frequently as possible.Clean your hands with disinfecting wipes, wash your hands with soap and water, or when needed, cleanse your hands with an alcohol-based sanitiser.

 Follow respiratory hygiene: You should diligently follow respiratory hygiene. Ensure your mask covers the nose and mouth completely.Also, cover your mouth while yawning and sneeze or cough using your elbow. This will help minimise the virus transmission through respiratory droplets. 

By following these precautions, you can secure yourself from the virus and travel without worry. In case of any symptoms, consult a doctor and check your travel insurance policy for any medical help required. Safe travel is smart travel!

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