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How to travel with your loved ones without a hitch

Posted by Royal Sundaram on 11 Dec 2015


Holidays are the perfect time to stop and smell the roses. Sometimes while enjoying the finer moments in life, we often overlook the possibility of things going haywire, without any warning. Safety is a priority for everyone going on a vacation. To ensure that your loved ones and you experience an amazing, but safe holidaying experience, here are some tried-and-tested tips:

Get a Medical Check-up Before Travel

Always be sure that your family is in the pink of health before flying. Dealing with sickness during transit might not only affect the holiday itinerary but also may leave you stranded. Ask your family members to visit your physician to check for symptoms that might indicate illness. Moreover, be sure to pack medicines required by you or your family members for existing ailments before travelling. Be it a pill for an allergy or prescribed medications for pre-existing ailments, always be sure to keep the required medicines in your travelling bag. Keeping Doctor’s prescription will also simplify the customs checks carried out at airports.

Use hacks for keeping track

Lose of luggage and personal belongings while traveling is quite common among tourists. Marking bags with ribbons, having tags attached with your address, using chains to safeguard your luggage are some of the few tricks that will save you from the trouble of losing your things.

Keep a travel checklist handy

Packing for long distance travel with family can be quite a challenging task, but you don’t need to summon a travel expert to pack your vacation bags. By creating and maintaining a basic list of travel essentials in your suitcase, you can simply avoid confusions in the last minute. This will not only save time, but you will be able to stuff in more things in you travel bag than usual.

Keep a guidebook

Not everyone is blessed with that astute explorer spirit. To all regular travellers, we advise keeping a guidebook. This will help you and your family members explore and experience the best of the destination, without any hassles. Additionally, any of your family member can independently venture out to explore the place, without the need of sticking together all the time.

Stay connected

Vacations are the perfect escape from everyday life, but it doesn’t mean you need to cut all communication lines with your friends. During your travel, always stay in touch with your friends and relatives, so that they are always updated about your whereabouts. This will save you from troubled times, especially when you are taking trips to sensitive regions or places with extreme weather conditions.

Insure yourself

Better to have it and not need it, than need it and not have it. Having travel insurance helps protect your family, in case anything affects anyone of you during the trip. From things like medical covers for accidents abroad to emergency evacuation in case of a disaster, the policy will be a lifesaver to save your from the impact of unforeseen events that might occur during travel.

Travel safe and take precautions to ensure hassle-free holidaying. To secure your journey, check with insurance providers like Royal Sundaram General Insurance to find the best available protection for all your family’s travelling needs.

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