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How Travelling can lead to everyday Happiness

Posted by Royal Sundaram on 03 Oct 2013

Travelling Benefits to healthIt is not all of a sudden that you one day decide to board a flight or get onto a train and set off for an aimless adventure. Instead, you dream of a vacation, plan for it and hope to get to a good place that would help you unwind. You look forward to the peace and tranquility you really need.

Holidays have several health benefits, says a study published in The Holiday Health Report 2013. This first-of-its-kind study, conducted by UK’s largest healthcare charity Nuffield Health, revealed that holidays can have a significant positive impact, both physically and psychologically.

Travel Can Improve Your Health and Bring You Joy

Holidaying is the best way to rejuvenate your senses and relax, irrespective of the kind of travel plans you have. You may choose to meet up with your family and friends, or just spend some alone time. Some of us love the mountains, with fresh air and scenic beauty that has a refreshing impact on the soul and the body. Others love lazing at the beach; both reduce stress levels. Similarly, sunshine is the perfect cure for depression and can instill new vitality into the human body.

Are you an adventure lover? You could burn a few calories while trekking in the woods. Indulging in outdoor games and adventure sports, like rock climbing, bungee jumping, trekking or river rafting, can add years to your life.

Traveling Promises a Successful and Happy Return to Normal Activities

Traveling not only promises you a great time while you are on vacation, but has a surprisingly positive effect on your productivity and health when you are back at work. The effects of a fabulous holiday may last for weeks. Studies have shown that vacations can improve productivity at work as well as reduce careless errors.

Holidays can result in a more positive demeanor, keep boredom at bay and keep you motivated. This also has an impact in the way you interact with your colleagues and family members, resulting in happier times!

In fact, there is a correlation between traveling and creativity. So, when you return from your vacation, get praised for your ability to think different and give suggestions that others may not think of!

The benefits go beyond immediate gratification. Holidays can improve blood glucose levels, reducing the risk of diabetes. They can also improve energy levels and mood. A relaxing trip can actually help you sleep better for months to come.

Evidently then, travel brings a disease-free, stress-free life for you. Your performance at the work front may also improve immensely, making you feel more satisfied and appreciated. And of course, you will share stories of your vacation with friends and family for years to come.

What more could you ask for as far as everyday happiness is concerned?

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