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It’s Time to Gadgetzoom On Your Travel

Posted by Royal Sundaram on 12 Feb 2014

Adore them or hate them,   new travel buzzwords are everywhere, all the time- clamoring for your attention.  It does not matter whether you are a road warrior or an explorer, a jetsetter or business traveler, a drifter or an escapist; these travel buzzwords are bound to get on you, eventually. And therefore, we believe that our buzzword- gadgetzoom- will not only invigorate the traveler in you, but also hopes to add a dash of ‘X’ factor in your persona.

Gadgetzooming is nothing but traveling with set of gadget buddies who will try and ensure your needs and wants are taken care. They can only try because we keep redefining our needs, all the time. So, here’s our wish list:


 1. Entertainment unlimited!

With 120 GB now a passé, loading movies on your smart phones or tablets before you head out on vacation is not the coolest thing, anymore. Disney episodes, cartoon flicks, in HD, that you want to bring along for the kids are now almost a reality. It’s time to Gadgetzoom with gadgets having capacity of 1TB of storage all set to make waves in the market. These sleek looking, sandwich-size classy devices take the planning guesswork out, streaming more than 500 movies. It’s simply awesome!

2.Power up buddy!

Just for those who love dense forest, the wilderness, away from civilization. Train, plane, car, elephant, whatever, sometimes you’re on the go and you’re running out of basics, we mean power, for your devices. In these cases, a backup battery with USB outlets is invaluable.  Some of these swanky things have as much as  10,000 mAh and is pretty cheap. Higher capacity and thinner versions are not only fashion statement, but these specs help you count on these battery pack when you have run out of power on your phone.

 3. Get hot shot!

Feeling left out of photos? Make friends with nifty dual camera gadget.  It shoots images using the front and rear cameras simultaneously, then sticks your selfie into the main portrait. Its ‘story highlight mode’ also automatically compiles a chronological collection of your images and video, so you don’t have to. Better than a smartphone, a bigger sensor means higher-quality images, and a pivoting screen allows overhead and underhand shooting with precision and ease.

 4. Make the world shut up!

The fusion Noise-Canceling Head phones is just for you. By using the same kind of haptic technology found in cell phone touchscreens—the kind that makes it feel as though you’re actually pressing buttons—the next-gen noise-canceling headphones transmit audio via your ear, skin, and bone, resulting in clear sound regardless of outside noise, and at a volume that’s 70 decibels lower than standard headphones, minimizing the risk of ear damage. They’re also good for anyone hard of hearing, since they don’t transmit entirely via traditional sound waves.

 5.     Travel light!

At 2.8 pounds, the lightest 14-inch laptop in the world—weighing even less than the 13-inch — is a marvel. It comes with a battery that lasts up to nine hours on a single charge (and charges up to 80 percent in an hour, in case you need significant juice during a short layover). Bonus: the full-size, no-compromise keyboard offers a space-saving adaptive bar at the top that swaps a row of function keys depending on what you’re doing, whether surfing the Web or chatting on Skype.  Its touted as one of the best new travel gadgets for 2014.

So, with unbeaten travel gizmos on the anvil, gadgetzooming is going to be fun!   The recently-concluded Consumer Electronics Show (CSE 2014), at  Las Vegas was full of latest gadgets. Many of them were just in the incubation stage. Many would hit the market but might take months, or even years, before you could buy them. But let’s not worry about that. For now, take a chill pill and dream of owning one of the above!

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