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Learn about Travel Insurance before you fly abroad!

Posted by Royal Sundaram on 03 May 2011

Travel Insurance: All You Need to KnowThe farther you travel from home, greater is the expenditure! Not insuring an abroad trip is a financial risk and at times may turn into an expensive error. Learn about Travel Insurance through this questionnaire and take a smarter decision! We have already covered few such queries in our previous article.  Here are a few more, which will clear all your doubts about it!

Why do you need travel insurance?

Travelling overseas is expensive – flight ticket, visa fee, stay at a hotel, etc. If you fall sick requiring immediate medical attention, treatment may drain your savings, especially if  healthcare is expensive in that country. Or, if you lose your checked baggage, you may be stranded in an unknown land, helpless.

In situations like these, Travel Insurance can be helpful and provide the necessary financial backing and support you may require. It is your ally, as long as you are away from your home!

What are the things Travel Insurance covers?

Generally Travel Insurance would cover the following –

  • * Loss of baggage
  • * Loss of Passport/Visa
  • * Cashless treatment during medical emergency
  • * Personal accident cover
  • * Legal liability
  • * Daily Hospital allowance in case of  hospitalisation
  • * Reimbursement due to trip delay
  • * Cover for residence in India
  • * Automatic extension of Policy to cover delays
  • * Loss of life
  • * Repatriation of remains
  • * Accidental dismemberment

What are the things Travel Insurance does not cover?

Different Insurance Companies have different exclusions in the Policy. But generally, Travel Insurance does not cover –

  • * Medical cover for pre-existing diseases
  • * Pregnancy and related complications
  • * Treatment which can be delayed until the person returns to India
  • * Trip delay due to the Insured person(s) mistake
  • * Any claim from intentional self-injury, attempt of suicide, act of terrorism
  • * Injury due to participation in hazardous sports
  • * Exposure to any peril (unless in self defense or to save human life)

It’s best to refer the Terms and Conditions of the Policy for detailed information.

How can you decide the plan for the Insurance?

Choosing a sufficient cover for your Travel Insurance is important and a better plan is always good! Here are a few things you should consider, when selecting the plan for Travel Insurance –

  • Country you are travelling to – Is the country safe to travel? How well connected is the country to India? Is there any risk in travelling to the country? These are a few questions you should ask to decide. High risk implies ‘go for a better cover’
  • Healthcare in the country – If the healthcare is expensive in the country, it is prudent to take a better plan.
  • Age and health – Senior citizens may require a better medical cover, as they are at a higher risk of requiring a medical attention.
  • Weather – The weather of the country may cause flight delays. Look for a plan that covers trip delays.
  • Your plan – If your plan is a little flexible, there might be delays. So, approach the Insurer well in advance for extension of the Policy.

I already hold a Health Insurance Policy. Will any medical emergency abroad be covered?

Your Health Insurance Policy covers illnesses and treatment only in India. You would require a separate Overseas Medical Cover, when you travel abroad. This has no link to your domestic health insurance.

All medical emergencies except the one’s excluded as per the policy term and conditions will be covered.

If my trip gets extended for any reason, can I renew or buy a new Policy from abroad? Can I buy a Travel Insurance Policy once I reach abroad?

A new policy will not be issued once the trip has commenced. The ideal way is to approach the insurer well in advance before expiry with a request to extend the policy duration.

If for any reason, I cancel the trip, will the Travel Insurance be cancelled and money refunded?

Different companies follow different cancellation Policy. Cancellation of Royal Sundaram Travel Insurance Online is allowed as per the following conditions –

For Single Trip Policy –

Cancellation is allowed if the Insured Person does not undertake the trip and will have to produce the Passport as proof of the same. Request for cancellation is allowed up to 14 days after the first day of Insurance, as indicated in the Policy. Refund of premium will be done after retention of Rs 250.

For Multiple Trip Policy –

A certain percent of the Annual premium will be retained. For the current rates, please refer to the Terms and Conditions of the Policy.

What are the benefits of Royal Sundaram Travel Insurance Online?

Royal Sundaram has a wide presence, thus you can be assured of the best and fastest service, whenever you require.

Here are few benefits of Royal Sundaram Travel Insurance Online –

  • Overseas medical cover up to US$ 1,50,000/-
  • Hospital Daily Allowance of up to US$ 500 for 15 days in the event of hospitalisation
  • Hijack Distress Allowance
  • Home Insurance for your residence in India for up to US$ 2,00,000
  • Personal liability for up to US$ 2,00,000
  • Medical advice on the phone
  • Arrangement of appointments with local doctors for treatment and hospitalisation
  • Emergency message transmission assistance
  • Embassy and legal referral services
  • Exchange rate information
  • Interpreter referrals
  • Choice between 2 plans for Multi-trip and 4 plans for Single trip
  • 24 Hour Helpline Number for assistance when abroad at 022 – 6751 5515 or 022 – 4000 4219

For more benefits, please refer to our website.

Travel Insurance is more than a piece of paper you carry! Research, analyse and buy before you pack your bags for your overseas trip.

If you’d like to know more about Royal Sundaram Travel Insurance Online, please visit the website or speak with our customer support at 1800 345 8899 (MTNL/BSNL users) OR 9444 44 88 99.


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