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Love to travel abroad? Tips for a budget trip!

Posted by Royal Sundaram on 27 Jan 2011

An overseas trip is a wonderful experience. Exploring exotic cultures, traversing through scenic locations, tasting local cuisine gives a joy like no other! But it’s an expensive affair too. If you love to travel abroad, here are a few tips, which can cut down the expenditure by 30-40%.

Look for cheaper alternatives of the location Ooty was once South India’s ultimate hill station. Kodaikanal later became the cheaper alternative. Today, people see Connoor as a cheaper alternative. Bottom line: There is always a cheaper option!

When travelling abroad, look for Tier II or Tier III locations where you can enjoy the same activities or similar locations for sight-seeing, but at a much lower cost.

Go during the off season Shopping festival in Singapore – the perfect time when NOT TO BOOK TICKETS. If you want to save money in overseas travel, go during the off season. You’d spend a lot lesser for hotels, air fare, etc. Also, the hotspots would be less crowded and you can enjoy it better.

Research for the right online ticket – Compare different air fares online and look for the most economical ticket. For example, the price of a ticket from New Delhi to London may vary from Rs. 17,000/- to Rs. 1,00,000/- for the same travel date. Book tickets well in advance, including for the return journey, as you can get a much better rate.

Use public transport – Forget cabs. Use the public transport – bus, local trains to reach your destination. Rent a bicycle or a bike for sight-seeing within city limits; it would be better than a taxi.

Look for budget hotels Avoid places which are near the airport. Find one which is deeper in the city or the suburbs. If you don’t mind a little discomfort, rent into a backpackers hostel. Some of them may even provide free breakfast or a space to cook your own meals. Women travelling alone may want to stick to hotels for safety, but pick one farther from airport, within the city.

Talk to holiday experts Holiday experts are experts for a reason! Talk about your plan and they might be able to arrange for a cheaper flight or a better travel plan, and help you save money.

Find some locals in various forums Get all the information you can from locals. Learn more about the transport system, taxi charges, best places to see, items you can shop for and the price you need to pay for it, places where you can find the best deals on accommodation, easiest routes etc. Information is the key to save money.

Save on food and water Avoid fancy restaurants; eat at the place locals do. Head to the restaurant where you see a crowd, the food might be good and you would enjoy local cuisine too!

Also, a 20 Litre can of water is much more economical than a 1 Litre bottle. So, if you plan to stay at a place for longer duration, go for the bigger can. You can fill water from it into your bottle and carry for the day. You might have to pay the deposit for the can, but it would be refunded when you return the can.

Getting ready for a backpack trip abroad? Follow the tips above. You’ll love the trip as well as the money saved!

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