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Making travel happy and stress-free

Posted by Royal Sundaram on 25 Jul 2011

Travelling is one of the most rewarding experiences! Who doesn’t enjoy taking a break from everyday routine and relish nature’s best sights? A holiday can rejuvenate your mind.

But for some people, holiday is an extremely stressful event due to worrying about their baggage, security of home or about work. Stress doesn’t let people enjoy the break. If you are one of those, here are a few tips which can help in making travel happy and stress-free.

Plan, plan, plan –

Planning can help eliminate half of the holiday stress. Look for good hotels to stay and if they can also provide good food, that’s even better.  Have your reservation done in advance.  Having a map of your destination place will always be handy.

List out what you are carrying –

Make a list of all the items you plan to carry on your mobile or paper. You can cross check with this list, every time you re-pack at the hotel to ensure you don’t forget any item.

Travel light –

Remember, ‘Less luggage, more comfort’.  Carrying a lot of baggage adds to your stress. Travel light. You can avoid the hassle of relying on someone to help you with it.  It will also be easy to check if you are leaving anything behind.

Don’t carry cash, rely on plastic money –

It is not advisable to carry only cash.  If you have Debit/Credit cards, they are more useful during travel.  But make sure cards are accepted widely at your destination; else you may have to go around the place searching for an ATM/Bank.

Secure your home –

Your home’s security can be one of the biggest worries during your holiday. Secure it with a quality lock. Ask your neighbours to keep an eye whenever possible. Home insurance and Home Content Insurance can give you peace of mind and let you enjoy your break/vacation.

Disconnect from work –

Carrying your laptop/PDA and working even on a holiday?  Leave your work at your office/home and step out to enjoy the break or try spending as minimum time as possible with your work.  Don’t make your family feel that it is as good/bad as staying at home.

Keep an extra day to unwind –

Always keep an extra day at your hand to simply relax on the bed. You can re-pack at ease and return without getting exhausted.  It goes without saying that you should arrive early at Airport/Railway Station, to avoid stress.

And finally, remember that everyone with you are as tired as yourself; lending a hand in their household work is a nice gesture.

So just keep these in mind and enjoy your holiday. Every trip you take to unwind should bring happy memories, whenever you rewind!

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