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Mexico: The birthplace of Chocolates

Posted by Royal Sundaram on 02 Sep 2011

One of the best quotes about chocolates “Nine out of ten people like chocolate. The tenth person always lies.” – John Q. Tullius. But have you ever wondered from where did such a mouthwatering chocolate originated?

It all started in a cocoa rich country called Mexico. From the early Mayan and Aztec civilizations, chocolate was served as special exotic drink for the rulers. After the invasion of Europeans this drink became famous throughout. But it was only in 17th century that the first eatable chocolate was made.

Though many invasions have occurred, still Mexico holds the pride for chocolates and its scenic beauty. So if you are one of those adventurers, who would go on an expedition, then Mexico is inevitable.  Mexico is an all-rounder with bright green jungles to palm-fringed beaches. Ranging from chocolate delights to kayaking and canyoneering, Mexico is an adventurer’s paradise.

Here are some of the must see places and their highlights:

Oaxaca City

Experience the chocolate culture in your vicinity at the Mecca of chocolate, Oaxaca. Housed with cocoa planation Finca Cholula, chocolate factory El Chontal, chocolate houses and markets, Oaxaca is the best place where you can find pure chocolates.

Mexico City

Have you ever thought of a museum for Chocolates?  Mexico City houses one of the largest chocolate museums built by the chocolate giant Nestle, which attracts visitors to have the taste of real Chocolates and also the different stages of chocolate production. Also you can find locally produced chocolates coming out in different flavors such as tea, kiwi, lavender, marzipan and pistachio, mixed spices and creamy truffle.


This modern-day city located 60 km northwest of Villahermosa in the Mexican state of Tabasco, has in itself some of the famous cocoa plantation. Here you can enjoy exotic colonial constructions, spacious gardens and 64 acres of cocoa fields. It is here that you learn chocolate-making process and taste some freshly made samples. Also make a visit to the archaeological zone of Comalcalco and its museum, where you will get to know the culture of the site’s pre-Hispanic inhabitants.


This chocolate city of Mexico is marked by the course of the Grijalva river. Alongside Las Ilusiones lagoon, the city is immersed in green vegetation and a tropical climate. The most attractive spot here is La Venta Park-Museum, one of the most original museums in the world, conserving the local flora and fauna. Villahermosa is the entrance to the cocoa route covering the municipalities of Nacajuca, Jalpa de Mendez, Comalcalco and Paraiso. In this Maya Chontal area, where the chocolate-making processes are rescued. Also you can enjoy some real pure chocolates.

Mexico is just there waiting to provide you a 360 degree entertainment. So Have yourself a well-defined itinerary and explore the best possible adventures in Mexico.

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