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Most eco-friendly hotels around the world

Posted by Royal Sundaram on 08 Mar 2013

How often have you gone on a trip and were super impressed with the hotel you chose for your stay? Unless you had a really bad experience with the hotel, you’ll always make it a point to get a business card from them and refer them to all your friends. Now take a look at these eco-friendly hotels and add them to your list of vacation accommodations –



The Travelodge

Based in the outskirts of London, the Travelodge hotel is not made of regular brick and cement. This hotel was built in just 20 days by using recycled 86 shipping containers. It is Europe’s first ever hotel to be built from shipping containers. The makers of the hotel settled with this unique idea as it reduced construction time by 25%, consumed less raw material, emitted less pollutants, used recycled material and is thus greener than the rest of the hotels. It has a total of 120 rooms with modern amenities like flat screen TV, double beds and toilets. Though the rooms are small it offers a comfortable stay.

The Dasparkhotel

You can book a stay with the hotel if you plan a trip to Germany or Austria. Created by architect Andreas Strauss, this unique hotel is built from draining pipe sections. BY recycling drain pipes and converting them in to a comfortable dwelling place, the makers of the hotel have reduced the use of regular material that could go in to the making of a hotel with this kind of a concept. The features exhibited by the rooms are impressive. Each room has a double bed, sleeping bags and storage spaces. Plus every room is protected with a security code. But you will have to use common toilets and showers. It also has a bar and a café.

De Vrouwe van Stavoren Hotel

Based at the Netherlands, this is a place for wine lovers. The makers of the hotel have cleverly crafted the idea of hotel with an intoxicating interior by recycling old wine casks. These wine casks were originally made to store 15,000 liters of wine. Now, they have been remodeled into spacious rooms without much use of any high-end building raw material; thus saving a lot of resources. It includes basic facilities like beds and lighting.


Every travel enthusiasts has dreams of living in a tree house, well the Treehotel fulfills this wish with the best amenities. The hotel currently has around six rooms elevated above the ground. Every room affords a breath taking view of the Lule River Valley. The highlight of this hotel is the toilet system, each room is fitted with an eco-friendly and odorless combustion toilet where everything is incinerated by the use of electricity at 600 degrees Celsius. Sinks have running water and showers are located in a separate building. The hotel plans to have a total of 24 rooms.

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