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Popular Travel Insurance Myths Busted

Posted by Royal Sundaram on 04 Dec 2012

‘Travel insurance is important only when you travel to a location with potential threat.’ Did you know this is a wrong belief that most of the travelers have? This and many more misconceptions influence your decision when buying a travel insurance plan. Let’s take a look at some common myths related to travel insurance –

There’s no need to buy a travel plan for a short trip – Nothing will happen unpleasantly – No matter how short your trip is, an accident or a sudden illness can happen any time.  A change in weather takes your health to toll. It can be difficult to handle such medical emergencies in a foreign land. Travel insurance offers complete assistance in case of any medical requirement on the trip. If you are not keen on getting a cover for travel delay or cancellation, it is advisable you at least avail cover for such crisis situations.

My health insurance policy will cover me even if I become sick/ meet accident overseas – You might be having a health insurance policy running for a decade or so.  Your perception might be that it will cover you for expenses met in abroad too.  But it is not so.  Your health insurance policy will cover treatment taken in India only.  Even it does not cover a continuity treatment in abroad.   Be aware of this & a fact that when you travel abroad, you are virtually unshielded without a Travel Insurance policy.

The airlines will cover any delays in the trip – Some travelers have a wrong belief that it is the responsibility of the airlines to cover cost in case of flight delays.  It is not so in most cases.  You need to incur cost for your food; toiletries’ etc. when your trip gets delayed for more than 12 hours and the cost should be met out from your own pocket.  If there is no Travel Insurance to cover such travel inconvenience, you shall be spending this as an additional cost for your trip abroad.

An annual multi trip policy will cost me a lot – Only because the policy is giving you a longer cover, it does not mean it is expensive. Sure, if you were to compare the policy with a single trip plan then the price would be slightly higher. But a multi trip plan has many benefits. For starters, you can enjoy well protected trips all-round the year. Also, you’ll be spending much less on purchasing this type of insurance again and again.

I have a credit card; I don’t need a travel plan – Many feel that the credit card comes to a handy solution even in foreign soil and we need not worry about any sudden medical expense.  For some, who have been provided of some complementary travel insurance along with a credit card, seems to be a perfect solution. But in reality it is not so.  Any credit card has an upper limit of credit, which might get breached due to hefty medical bill.  Moreover it has to be paid back to Credit Card issuing company on its due date.  Complimentary travel insurance need not be comprehensive in its nature and hence it leaves many areas of threats unattended.

Hence, opt for a comprehensive travel insurance plan for your next trip will be a prudent action to spend less and enjoy your trip.

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