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Safest countries to travel to

Posted by Royal Sundaram on 31 May 2011

A holiday is no holiday if you constantly worry during the trip. Travelling can be quite stressful and who doesn’t ponder about the safety of luggage, being robbed, personal security or being assaulted, especially in a foreign land!

However, there are some countries where one can travel without worries. Which are those countries? Different Travel portals and forums name these as the Safest Countries to travel to. Low crime rate and friendly people make these countries the safe for travel.


It might be hard to believe that this country, roughly as big as Tamil Nadu has only 700 policemen and they don’t carry guns! Iceland scores really low on crime, making it a really safe place to travel to. Travellers claim that women can walk around at midnight all alone! Despite volcanic activities, it’s a geographically safe area too.


Many avid travelers name Ireland as one of the safest destinations. Friendly people, picturesque green countryside and pubs make Ireland a popular location. Infact, it’s considered as a safe country for women to travel alone. The capital Dublin may have thieves and pickpockets, but this is where our safety tips step in!


Luxembourg is among the tiniest country in the world and only about 5 Lakhs people live in it. But, according to a survey by Mercer, it is the safest country in the world. The country has a highly developed economy and extremely friendly people; they are also rated as the happiest citizens.


Famous for skiing, watches and Bollywood’s favourite destination for songs, Switzerland is not only every tourist’s delight but also a safe country to visit. Geneva, Zurich and Bern are considered the safest cities in the world. The homicide rate is low. Gun related crime is so low in the country that Swiss don’t even keep the statistics!


Taking a break from Europe to move to North America, Canada is one the largest countries, and also among the safest. The country is rich in natural beauty and one of the best places for adventure travel. It scores low on crime and high on human rights.

New Zealand

New Zealand is a little isolated from other countries. It has a stable economy and government. The scenic country has a really low crime rate and people are rated as tourist friendly. What’s more, New Zealand is far, far away from destructive cyclones and has no venomous spiders, snakes, jellyfish, so you can explore all the wild life you want in this country!


Singapore is among the tiniest countries in the world and also the safest. The homicide rate in the country is lower than Switzerland. Singapore boasts the best of Chinese, Malay, Indian, Arabic and Western cultures. The law is really strict in the place, which may be one of the reasons for its low crime rate. Even theft is rarely reported.


Cyprus is an island nation below Turkey in the Mediterranean Sea. It’s one of the safest countries, where crime rate is so low that people don’t even have to lock the door at nights! Most citizens are well off; personal safety is guaranteed!


Going by the earthquakes the country has survived, Japan may not be the safest place, geographically! But going by the crime rate in the country, it’s a very safe place. Visitors call Japanese “painfully polite”. Theft and other crimes are rare in Japan. A saying goes that if you lose something in Japan, you’d find it exactly where you lost it! And ofcourse, it’s a beautiful place to visit!

So pack you bags and take a safe break!

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