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Safety Tips for women travelling alone

Posted by Royal Sundaram on 16 Feb 2011

Whether you are travelling to a nearby city or country miles apart from home – travelling alone for women can be a strenuous experience. But, exercising a little precaution can go a long way in ensuring an incident-free trip. Here are some tips for it.

Travel light – Never pack more luggage than what you can carry. Pack smart and travel light. It’s the best way to keep your belongings safe. Moreover, you might have to carry it yourself at places. Opt for suitcases and bags with rollers to ease your strain.

Know your way – Memorize which turn you have to take to get to the hotel. Know the route to Airport or Railway Station. You can avoid relying on strangers for information, who may misguide. Even if you are lost at any point, remain calm and get the direction from any other woman.

Avoid traveling at night – Travelling alone at night or a deserted place should be a strict no-no when you are all by yourself. If you are travelling to a small town, know the time by when the city would shut down. 9 PM may be a ‘happening hour’ in your city, but in small towns, half the streets may be completely empty!

Guard what you eat – Always have eyes on your food and beverages. Guard it! It’s easier than you think to slip a drug into what you eat. Always dine at crowded restaurants. Alcohol is best avoided when you are alone in an unfamiliar city. Also, watch what you eat to avoid falling sick. Carry pills for headache, fever, cold in your first-aid kit.

Check room – Always check rooms for hidden cameras once you check in. Take a room which is in a well lit area and near the lobby. Avoid rooms which are at the end of hotel’s passage. Your room should be near the exit. Also, check that all the locks work and you would be secure in it.

Be assertive – A taxi driver may ask for a small detour which is “shorter”. He may be telling the truth, but NEVER oblige to any such requests. Ask him to stick to the route. Never allow any strangers inside the cab. Always ask people to stick to what you asked for. When you have no one for company, assertiveness is your best friend.

Learn basic self defense techniques – It can be really helpful to learn some basic techniques of self defense. Take a weekend course and learn how to punch right, sensitive areas where one can punch an attacker, how to wriggle away when someone’s holding you down. Also, always be conscious of people around you and be alert all the time while travelling.

Use common sense – Common sense, many doesn’t use it often! Always dress modestly to avoid unwanted attention. Avoid strangers. Spread the cash in different bags and inside your dress if required. Always keep spare change in your bag and use it, so that people around you don’t have a clue of how much your purse contains! Take these small common steps and be your own bodyguard.

Remember, knowledge is power. Learn about how to be safe when alone, about the place you are travelling to, about securing your belongings and you have no reasons to worry! You can travel with a light heart.

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