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Single-trip vs. Multi-trip Travel Insurance Policy

Posted by Royal Sundaram on 11 Jul 2016

In the context of travel insurance, a single trip is defined as travel from the time you leave your country, the entire duration of your trip, right until you return home. It includes travels to one or multiple countries. This basically means the insured is leaving home to set out on his journey just once and will only be returning home at the end of the journey.

Multi-trip is when a person leaves homes to travel and returns multiple times during a year, which is the usual duration of coverage. Frequent flairs can be greatly inconvenienced if they need to avail insurance coverage every time they travel. This is why most insurance companies provide multi-trip coverage for a one-year period.

Single Trip Multi Trip
Duration Coverage available from the time of leaving home country until your return Coverage available for multiple trips during one year
Period Travel insurance cover is available for a maximum period of 180 days Insurance coverage available for 365 days. Any one trip will be restricted to a maximum of 45 days.
Maximum time abroad Coverage available from date of leaving India until the end of the policy term or your return, whichever is earlier Maximum duration of one trip cannot exceed 45 days and not more than 180 days during the year to be spent abroad
Suitability Individuals who travel only once every year, such as vacationers Suitable for frequent fliers who travel multiple times in a year, such as business travelers


Coverage under travel plans

Common expenses that are covered under most travel insurance plans include:

  • Health coverage for situations like emergency surgery, essential dental treatments, due to an accident and any necessary medical transportation during the trip
  • Expenses incurred due to loss of baggage, luggage delays, and loss of travel documents
  • If explicitly stated, automatic extension of the coverage may be optional, for a specified period from the date of expiry of the policy
  • Predetermined coverage for personal liability arising to third parties during the travel
  • Under certain travel insurance plans, users may cover their homes up to a specific amount against fire, theft, and accidents during their absence
  • In case of the demise of the policyholder in an international country, the policy covers the expenses incurred for the transportation of the remains of the deceased

Royal Sundaram’s travel insurance plans include both single-trip and multi-trip policies, offering policyholders a wide range of benefits in addition to health coverage. With a policy from Royal Sundaram you don’t have to worry about expenses from illness or emergencies and you can also rest easy in the knowledge that there is additional cover for various scenarios, such as loss of baggage or travel documents, flight delays, and so on.Additional features include an automatic extension of 7 days after expiry of the plan, and home insurance while you are traveling.

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