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Smart 10 Tips to Travel by Road

Posted by Royal Sundaram on 09 May 2019


Road trips are always fun and exciting. Though it’s not just about taking your car/bike out and hitting the road. There’re a lot of things involved and you need to consider these factors carefully before heading out. So, if you are planning a road trip anytime soon, then here’re the few smart tips you need to know –

  • * Check the weather condition: As per the climate change, some areas are officially closed for road trips. Thus, it is advisable to go through the weather condition and tourist season of your travel destination so that you don’t have to face any trouble further.
  • * Carry all the essentials: This is again an important part of your road trip. You must carry a set of essential things like icebox, road helpline numbers, flashlight, GPS/Navigation system, etc. as this will make your journey more convenient.
  • * Book your hotels in advance: To avoid any hassle related to you stay, you must book the hotel well in advance before you start a trip. Also, take your hotel’s contact number and call them one or two days in advance to let them know that you are on your way.
  • * Keep all important documents handy: While going on a road trip, you will come across several police check posts and tolls, therefore ensure that you are carrying all your papers, including driving license, PUC certificate, car/bike insurance, etc. Also, you must carry some cash as you need it to pay as toll tax.
  • * Be alert with vehicles disobeying traffic rules: There can be situations where a vehicle overtaking your bike, coming the wrong way, cutting lanes, etc. Thus, you need to be a little cautious of this thing. Don’t do any confrontation, just obey traffic rules and drive safely.
  • * Keep your family informed: Your family should every time be aware of your whereabouts. You can do this by sending them a message or Whatsapp as phone signals on road might not work sometime. This way your loved ones would be informed about your destination and arrival timings.
  • * Get your car / bike serviced before the trip: You should get your car or bike serviced properly before trip so that you don’t face any trouble from your ride in the future.
  • * Do not rely on the navigation system: Do not fully depend upon the navigation system to take you somewhere. You must also double check routes with the local people as roads, traffic conditions, distance are quite unbalanced when you are away from bigger and organized cities.
  • * Carry spare fuel: Do carry a bottle of spare fuel so that you can easily top up the tank whenever the fuel needle of your bike / car shows 10-20 percent.
  • * Driving companion: Don’t let your fun-filled journey become painful. Thus, while traveling by road, driving companions must be taken in to consideration so that you can enjoy a comfortable journey throughout.

So, trippers, apart from picking out the travel destinations, you also need to be take these things in to consideration before planning a road trip. Have a safe and secure travel!

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One response to “Smart 10 Tips to Travel by Road”

  1. siddharth jain says:

    These are indeed very smart tips. I was reading a lot since I’m planning on a trip by road. I was planning to go alone, but I guess having a companion is a better idea. Anyway Thank you.

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