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The monsoon “packing list”

Posted by Royal Sundaram on 21 Jun 2011

Travelling in the rainy season can be relaxing and irritating at the same time! While scenes of lush green trees watered by a grey-black sky can lift your mood; mosquitoes, power-cuts or slushy roads can be a big turnoff.

If you are travelling during the rains, make sure you carry the right things to avoid any unpleasant situation. So here’s the monsoon packing list!


Torch – Power-cuts are common in rainy season, especially in India. So make sure you pack a solid torch light and make sure that it is within your reach and not at the bottom of all items! Torch light should be in your packing list wherever, whenever you go – rain or shine.

Handy Umbrella and Raincoat – If you are travelling in rains, carrying a handy umbrella and raincoat is obviously a must! Getting drenched in the rains can be an open invitation for fever, flu, wheezing and other problems. So buy them, which can sit comfortably in your bag. For best results to keep you dry, use both!

Immersion Rod – Rains always bring the mercury down and makes water super cool. Many hotels may be unable to provide hot water for a bath. So don’t ever be in such a situation. Just carry an immersion rod with you!

Hand Sanitizer – You love the rains…but so do germs! Keep yourself miles away from infection. Carry a hand sanitizer wherever you go. This again, should be in your packing list – rain or shine.

Mosquito repellent – Mosquitoes breed in the rainy season, in the abundant stagnant water. Shield yourself from malaria, filariasis and other mosquito-borne diseases. Either carry the machine or carry a mosquito repellent cream.

Water proof shoes – Rains also make roads slushy. Carry gumboots or any water proof shoes. Carry an extra pair if you have the room in your suitcase.

Polythene bags – Despite all precautions, sometimes rain may catch you unawares or you may just not have the time to wash and dry clothes. Do carry few big polythene bags. Your ‘good clothes’ will not get spoilt by the damp and dirty clothes.

Hand fan – Rains lower the temperature. But sometimes it may just increase the humidity. Carrying a hand fan can be really handy in keeping you sweat free.

Tissue Paper – Rains may make your feet really damp, which the bacteria in your feet would really love! So keep it dry with a tissue. You can also wipe the sanitizer on your feet’s sole and between leg’s fingers.

Hair dryer – Hair dryer can be really useful in keeping your hair dry, thus keeping you away from diseases. If not for your hair, it can also dry your inners!

Medicines – Being down with fever is a horrible experience while travelling. So pack a few medicines for flu, stomach ailments. Talk to your doctor about what you can carry (don’t try self-medication).

And finally –

Healthy munchies – Bus/train/flight delays are common in rains. Pack a few healthy munchies, like biscuits, apples, and baked snacks. If you are hungry, you can munch on these instead of samosas and chips fried in rancid oil!

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