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Things you should know about overseas Travel Insurance

Posted by Royal Sundaram on 06 Dec 2011

What are the things you would do before making a trip abroad? Your answer may be, browsing through several destinations for a perfect holiday, going for a visa, book tickets, scheduling itinerary, and finding a comfortable place to put up etc.

Most often what we don’t do is to see the other side of the coin. ‘What if something goes wrong in the trip? Can we reach out to someone for immediate help/assistance?’ This may sound pessimistic but an important aspect to think and take some possible steps to enjoy a hassle free trip.

Why is overseas Travel Insurance so necessary?

Travel insurance is your friend to who you would always look out for during a vacation or a business meeting abroad. In case of any unprecedented event such as cancellation of trip, sudden medical emergencies, loss of visa, passport etc., Foreign Travel Insurance can help you morally and financially relieving you from a lot of stress and worries.

Where does your Travel Insurance help you?

  1. In case of medical emergencies you will be provided with Medical advice over telephone including arrangement of appointments with local doctors, hospital admission, monitoring medical condition etc.,
  2. Cashless facility for hospitalisation gives a major relief on financial burden in unknown soil.
  3. When you lose your travel documents during your trip or baggage during transit.  If your baggage is delayed, cost of purchase of emergency clothing and toiletries purchased will be reimbursed.
  4. Covers the cost of your food and beverages upto a limit when your trip is delayed.
  5. Secure your home in India against loss/theft and damage, while you enjoy your trip abroad.
  6. Gives protection against public liability you might incur in foreign soil
  7. Gives financial protection against accidental death/dismemberment of organs.

How to choose a policy that best suits you?

  1. Be determined on what coverage would best suit your requirement. Put a list of what mishaps have a greater chance of possibility to occur.
  2. Research and analyze various travel insurance policies, compare the plans and the coverages they provide.
  3. After you purchase your travel insurance, go through the insurance documents carefully and check if they suit your needs. If not you can cancel or change the policy in this period.

Having known and understood the advantages of a travel insurance, make sure to get this crisis manager whenever you are travelling abroad.

Some Do’s and Donts’


Arrange for Insurance well in advance

As you meticulously plan for your trip abroad either for holiday or for business , you also need to arrange for Travel Insurance well in advance.  You might need to rush for  some medical reports or end up in paying increased premium if you make last minute arrangement.

Declare your Pre existing Disease

You need to disclose any pre existing disease to Insurer.   Your coverage will be decided upon based on this important disclosure.  This will help you to have an assured seamless protection.

Go for Multi Trip Protection

If your profile requires frequent overseas travel, it is better to get an annual arrangement for multiple trips you may be doing.  This will help you to keep away insurance from your check list while making travel preparation.


Don’t pick a low cost cover only due to your price sensitivity.  Any minor incidents like food allergy/food poisoning would require a hefty hospital bill payment in abroad.

Don’t try to arrange a cover after you leave the country as generally Insurers will not offer cover at that point.

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