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Tips to choose airline seat

Posted by Royal Sundaram on 08 Oct 2010

Answer this! Would you ever like to be in a bird cage while traveling in an air plane?

We bet that you would never dream of doing such a thing. But making a wrong choice of airline seat can put you in such a situation, which can make your journey a nightmare.

So here are a few tips to help you choose the best airline seat to make that journey by flight a comfortable one instead of a cramped one.

  • Check your airline for Seat Pitch and Seat Width. This measures the gap between you and the seat in front. Seat Pitch of 31 to 34 ensures enough room for your leg to move around while Seat Width of 18 makes for comfortable seating especially on long haul flights.
  • Request bulkhead seats or a seat by one of the emergency exits if you are tall or need more leg room. Bulkhead seats are those behind the dividing walls of a plane.
  • Aisle seats allow for easier access to the overhead storage compartment and lavatories, as well as for faster disembarking.
  • Choosing a seat towards the front of the plane also helps get off faster especially if you have to make a tight connecting flight.
  • If you have a problem of motion sickness, choosing a seat towards the wings can help as that is the main stability point for the plane.
  • If you are looking for an early snack/beverage from meal service, then your option is to seat near the galleys.
  • Check for seat recline option with your airline. This makes your seat-back move front and back, which ensures that your back doesn’t get strained.
  • Research on entertainment facilities such as personal screens, loaded with movies, TV shows, Mp3s, E-books and games, which helps avoid boredom especially on long haul journeys.
  • Also note the basic amenities – seat belt, power ports, noise canceling head phones, trays for eating and reading and paper bags.

To be noted: Most low cost economical flight may not provide you the above features. So, refer with online seat guides who can aid in getting the best seat in any airline possible. Also, many of the international flights charge a separate fee to avail this facility, but the amount is kept nominal. Always have the assurance of travel insurance before you embark on a flight journey.

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