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Top Destinations To Visit in Southeast Asia

Posted by Royal Sundaram on 04 May 2017

Top Destinations To Visit in Southeast Asia

Yes, it has some stunning temples, the sights are picturesque, and there are wonderful hiking opportunities among the rain-forests, and those tasty delicacies.

It seems, everybody wants to go there. Graduate students on a break, corporate executives who wish to go on a vacation, and even the aged. Southeast Asia is quite the trend these days.

After all, it is affordable to visit and safe too. All you need is a flight ticket, your travel insurance, and a few clothes. If you intend to visit this summer, here are the top destinations to enjoy in Southeast Asia:

  1. Bali

There’s the waves, the surfing, the beaches, the resorts but Bali is so much more. To visit this island is a new feeling altogether. The ever smiling inhabitants who are like ambassadors of optimism, the unending greenery which evokes a deeper respect and awe for mother Earth, and the culture which celebrates life than monetizing it; Bali knows the secret to everlasting happiness.

  1. Singapore

Once a forgotten Southeast Asian stopover, it is a major player in the travel industry, one you must visit. Singapore is the ultimate contrast — high rises resting peacefully against temples, luxury retail outlets existing in tranquillity with old shops. The world lives here. One moment you are in Hong Kong, a turn here and you are in China town, a few blocks ahead, you smell the spices from India. Singapore is uniquely Asia and the world.

  1. Manila

The Philippines’ capital albeit not a first choice for many a traveller, it is quite the experience. Manila’s art scene is quite the crowd puller. You can visit interesting galleries and the ever going music and art events— indie music festival, poetry competitions, and more. Add the artisanal markets and warm coffee houses along with a few speakeasy-style bars. Manila is magical.

  1. Angkor

Once the capital of the Khmer regime between the night and fifteenth centuries, Angkor is one of the world’s most famous cultural sites. Home to the Angkor Wat temple complex, the Bayon temple, and the Buddhist temple—Ta Prohm, it is a thrill to experience ancient cultures and art whose influence still persists in Southeast Asia.

  1. Ha Long Bay

A UNESCO World Heritage Site, Ha Long Bay in Vietnam is straight out of a movie. With its towering limestone pillars of varying sizes, each topped with oodles of green cover, it’s a heart-warming and refreshing sight. Ha Long Bay is Vietnam’s number one tourist spot, one you should not miss.

Southeast Asia is a refreshing change from the malls of the Middle East and the snows of Europe; tropical climate mixed with fun activities and interesting cultures, make the most your trip to Southeast Asia.

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