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Travelling Tips and Tricks During Monsoon

Posted by Royal Sundaram on 08 Jul 2013

Travelling in monsoon is fun and exciting. The lush green environment makes monsoon travel soothing and refreshing. Moreover nature is at its glorious best during the monsoon. Here is a ready reckoner to lessen the hassles or issues while travelling during rains.

  • Select an apt destination, one which is affordable, safe and accessible. In case you choose to travel within India, places like Kerala, Goa, Leh and Ladakh and states in South India would be recommended for their natural scenic beauty.
  • After you ¬†finalize the destination, ¬†a little research about the place will give information about the best modes of travelling, selection of hotels and lodging, inter-city commutation, nearby landmarks to visit, cuisines, currency (in case you decide to travel abroad), culture and festivals etc. Thus you will be much better equipped to enjoy your stay
  • In case you plan to travel by car, ensure that the tyres, engine, wind shields, windscreen wiper, brakes and horns are in perfectly good condition. Do take additional petrol, spare parts, a water-proof car cover and spare tires to ensure a trouble-free journey.
  • Make a list of objects you will take while travelling. Make sure you do not miss raincoats for children, sufficient number of umbrellas, car cover, first aid box, ointments and adhesives, mosquito-repellant cream or plug-in machines, caps, a hair dryer, an iron, dry fruits and lots of water.
  • For long drives, it is essential to keep the speed of the car under check and to avoid steep and slippery roads. Understand the road conditions and weather of the place before starting out with the journey.

Be cautious with food and water, as contamination can lead to food poisoning and other diseases. It is advisable to eat home-made food only during the rains. Avoid food cooked on the streets.

Be safe and have a happy journey!

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