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International Travel Experience

For some of us leisure comes easy, for others it arrives after a long wait, sometimes as long as the retirement. After living a life full of ambitions, goals, determination and hard-work, the much awaited phase of your life is finally here. Every age has its own set of pleasures and if you wish to explore the magic in your golden years, here’s how to fabricate an international travel experience after your retirement.

Retire abroad without a worry in the world. We try to answer the general concerns that you might have at this point:

Visa, Tickets and Travel Insurance

A great holiday starts with careful preparation. For your visa and tickets, the process can be done online, there’s enough information available to assist you with the same. For further assistance, you can take help from travel agencies. A tourist visa usually doesn’t require a very lengthy process and can be applied with basic documents:

  • A duly filled visa application form
  • Two passport size photographs
  • Round trip reservations
  • Proof of accommodation
  • Proof of substantial funds
  • Travel insurance

A visa application may or may not involve the requirement of a travel insurance; it is mandatory for a Schengen visa, but it is not necessary for most destinations in Asia. Nonetheless, it is essential that you invest in one, as a travel insurance will serve as an effective shield for any and every trouble that you face during your trip.

This is supposed to be a time for relaxation and leisure for you, don’t let travel hassles like baggage delays, flight cancellations or misplaced travel documents leave you feeling helpless on a foreign land. In addition, old-age, travelling and climatic changes might lead to a medical requirement or emergency. Being covered under a travel plan will help you get past such a situation with ease, without costing a bomb; medical treatments are very expensive abroad.


Choosing the right destination is the most important part of planning your holiday. This one wrong decision has the power to spoil your entire trip and shove it down the list of dissatisfying times in your life. Not another one, right? Hence, we have filtered some of the top destinations that are best enjoyed by retirees. Browse below:

  • Malta:

    For its golden beaches, honeyed-stone architecture, compact geography, substantial population and soothing sun.

  • Spain:

    For its history, sports, museums, science, a relaxed lifestyle, many miles of beaches and sunshine on most days.

  • Malaysia:

    For its friendliness, unrivalled transport system, multi-cultural society and heritage sites.

  • Panama:

    For its canal, well-developed infrastructure, ease of living, mountainous terrains, diverse culture and retiree discounts.

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