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Festivities and ceremonies galore around this part of the year. With all the leaves that you stowed away for this period, what better way to cash in on them than taking an international trip now? The novel experience of soaking in the sights and sounds of a new, indigenous culture and chance encounters with strangers from a different geography-there is a frisson of excitement attached to it all. However, truth be told, even an international trip will seem to be a jaded experience if it’s a dreary business trip that you embark on. A trip with your family, with your loved ones by your side at all times, can truly give you that much-needed respite.

Things to take care while travelling with a heart condition

We have culled out a list of rather off-the-wall destinations and things-to-do for you to enjoy a leisurely vacation with your family:

1. Go road-tripping, USA

The thrill of the open road awaits family adventurers in the USA. Get your rental car in the Big Apple, and then wind speed your way westward through the highways and byways of USA to a delightful San Francisco. Throw in a tent or two for overnight camping – America’s national parks are its most glorious assets. Few things bring greater delight than the notion of spending the end of each day of your trip on the open roads, with your folks pitching in for tents amid the trees, and then may be later roasting a few ears of Indian corn for supper.

2. Take the high road, Scotland

There’s much more to Scotland than just shaggy cattle, strong whisky and misty highlands. Head over to the Hebrides for ferry rides amid seals, dolphins and puffins and plenty of deserted beaches to paddle in. Gather driftwood and holler into the Atlantic winds to your hearts’ content. Head southwards to Edinburgh and see its famous Summer Fringe Festival, where the theatre caters to all ages, while street artists will conjure, joke, juggle, and tap-dance gleefully.

3. Experience the Land of Oz, Australia

Get a campervan rented, pack up your soundtrack to Adventures of Priscilla, Princess of the Desert and head out into great blue yonder on an Australian adventure. Nature enthusiasts will take pleasure in reading up on all the venomous species lurking under rocks, while the campfire cooking and the wide open roads are sure to please your folks.

4. ‘Mother of the World’, Cairo, Egypt

A visit to Cairo offers a city-wide cacophony guaranteed to overwhelm even the noisiest of toddlers. Start out with a steady stroll around the Egyptian Museums, where you’ll be awe-struck by the Pharaohs’ treasures. Go roaming about the souqs and savour street snacks fresh from vendors’ carts. Next head over to a Giza to clamber the corridors of the pyramids and succumb to the ultimate Cairene delight and lastly, dedicate a thrilling evening to the dunes.

5. Go Lego, Copenhagen, Denmark

Wonderful, wonderful Copenhagen’, cried Danny Kaye’s Hans Christian Andersen, and he wasn’t wrong – Denmark’s cheerful capital is a splendid destination for a quick family break. Set off with a trip past the statue of Andersen’s omnipresent Little Mermaid, then head on to the old majestic Tivoli Gardens where the fairground rides have been amusing children since 1843.

While you narrow down on one of these aforementioned destinations, know that it is of paramount importance to protect you and your loved ones while on-the-go. Remember, it merely takes minutes to complete a few fail-safes and formalities of Royal Sundaram’s travel insurance policy, but know that the rewarding feeling of assurance and security that comes with a Travel insurance policy protecting your family at all times is nothing short of priceless.

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