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What are the features to look for in a Travel Insurance?

Posted by Royal Sundaram on 30 Oct 2013


What features to look for in a Travel Insurance

Availing a travel insurance policy is not new concept for travelers today. But many are disappointed when their policy does not cover all the risks they could face abroad. This comes as a rude shock especially when you assume that your policy covers a specific risk. This is why you must always buy travel insurance plan after reading through all the perils it covers. Ideally a travel insurance plan should have the following features –

Overseas Medical cover –

You are most vulnerable to medical emergencies when you travel abroad as you are exposed to different climatic conditions and cuisine. Handling a medical emergency, especially hospitalization, can be difficult in a foreign land. With a travel insurance plan that covers cost of medication and hospitalization such circumstances can be managed better. If medical condition of insured person requires immediate transportation from the place of sickness / accident to the nearest hospital travel insurance shall cover such an expense as well.

Loss of checked-in Baggage

Loss of checked in luggage is the most common hazard that overseas travelers face. This incident can disrupt your well planned trip. If such an incident takes place post check-in at the airport, travel insurance shall cover it. The checked-in baggage should be under the care control and custody of the common carrier at the time of loss.

Loss of Passport / Visa

This is one of the most important features to look while buying a travel insurance policy. Each traveler are expected to carry important documents like passport, VISA while travelling abroad and if those documents are lost one shall be left stranded looking for help. Travel insurance in such a scenario shall reimburse direct expenses necessary to obtain emergency travel documents.

Trip delay

The insurance company shall pay the lump sum as specified under the policy, if the policyholder’s flight is delayed for more than 6 hours due to any the following occurrences –

Accidental death and dismemberment benefit

– If an accidental death or disability occurs (within 12 months) due to an injury suffered during the trip, then the insurance company will have to pay the limits as per the below mentioned table –

1-   In case of Death                                   100%
2-   In case of permanent disability
·         Both hands and feet                                   100%
·         Sight of both eyes                                   100%
·         One entire hand and one entire foot                                   100%
·         Speech and hearing of both the ears                                    100%
·         Loss of either hand or foot + Sight of one eye                                    100%

And many more….

Home Insurance-

While you are away travelling, you may tend to worry about the safety of your home in India but with travel insurance policy you do not have to worry as this policy covers your home in case of untoward incident like fire accidents, house breaking etc.

Legal Liability cover –

In the event insured person becomes legally liable for third party while travelling, the insurance company will have rights to for contesting unjustified claims or liabilities against the insured person as well as conducting legal action involving appointment of legal counsel etc…

Missed connections or departures

The insurance company will reimburse the amount of reasonable expenses incurred if the policyholder misses the connecting flight due to the delay of more than 12 hours from the actual time in which the policyholder was expected to travel due to bad weather, equipment failure of the flight, strike or any other issue of the airlines. This feature is either applicable for missed departures or missed connections, not for both of them.

Hijacking benefits

The insurance company will pay a lump sum as mentioned in the policy, if the policyholder’s plane is hijacked while on a trip overseas and held captive for more than 12 continuous hours.

Repatriation of mortal remains

If the insured person dies due to any illness or injury during the trip, then as per the terms of the policy, the insurance company will have to reimburse the transportation expenses incurred to return the mortal remains of the policyholder to its country or place of residence or the expenses incurred for the burial or cremation of the person in the country where the incident has occurred.

Treatment for mental disorder

This includes medical expenses that are incurred due to mental or nervous disorders. In addition to this, alcohol and drug addicts are also covered under the policy.


It provides coverage if insured is ongoing physiotherapy to treat a disablement due to an accident provided it is recommended in writing by the treating registered medical practitioner.

Child care benefits

This is yet another important feature to look for while buying a travel insurance policy. It provides coverage to policyholder’s child who is hospitalized for 2 or more days for any disease. The age limit of the child should be between 7 days – 90 days.

Bail bond

The insurance company will pay for bail bond expenses that the policyholder may suffer in case of inadvertent breaking a law, false arrest or detention while traveling abroad up to the amount mentioned in the policy schedule.

So, if you are looking for the best travel insurance policy, then ensure that all these things are covered under your policy.

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