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What one needs to know about loss of checked-in baggage

Posted by Royal Sundaram on 10 May 2018


If there is a complaint that is common to most air travellers—it is the loss of their checked-in baggage. The cause could range from simple human error to a serious technological malfunction, the bottom lines remains the same—you are at the destination airport without your luggage!

To any traveller, the first instinct is to enquire or most likely rage at the first airlines staff they spot. While one can do without the raging, it is true that airlines are liable for your checked-in baggage’s status. Here’s what you should do in-fact:

  • * Search for a baggage agent or booth, they are always near the conveyor belt. Contact them at the earliest if your baggage does not appear on the belt while the remaining passengers` see theirs come through.
  • * The airlines baggage staff will make you fill out a form that details the missing luggage. The more details you provide, the easier does the airline find it to locate your luggage.
  • * A search will begin and the airlines will keep you updated on the situation, once located, the luggage is sent to the address you provide.
  • * In case your luggage isn’t located within 21 days, the airlines will settle your claim based on the Montreal or Warsaw convention.

While this is the maximum airlines can and will do, you, on the other hand, can prepare for such contingencies. Since the loss of checked-in baggage is a distinct possibility, the most effective step to limit the damage caused is to buy a travel insurance plan.

As an insurance policy, it covers your loss of checked-in baggage scenario. To avail its benefits, here is what you need to do:

  • * Contact your insurance company and inform them of the situation.
  • * Submit the original claim form duly filled and signed in
  • * Provide detailed information about the lost luggage.
  • * Submit confirmation proof from airlines that luggage is permanently lost.
  • * Disclose details of compensation paid by airlines for lost luggage, if any.

These are simple steps which you have to complete. Upon claim acceptance, the insurance company will reimburse for the amount as mentioned in the schedule. While researching for insurance companies, a feature prospective customers overlook is the TPA or Third-Party Administrator—an entity that holds the right to process claims and is the go-to face between you and the insurance company.

It’s recommended you choose a travel insurance policy from an insurance company that has a tie-up with a foreign TPA. When you are on foreign shores, it comes in handy for they are able to process your claims quicker and even understand your situation better.

So the next time you decide to fly for your holidays, remember to buy insurance. It’s your very own safety parachute.

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One response to “What one needs to know about loss of checked-in baggage”

  1. Arshi says:

    It’s recommended you choose a travel insurance policy from an insurance company that has a tie-up with a foreign TPA. You never know when something goes wrong, it’s always advisable to buy a travel insurance before hand

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