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World’s Top 10 Green Countries

Posted by Royal Sundaram on 22 Mar 2011

“Go Green” is the cry everywhere today. World Wildlife Fund, United Nations and several NGOs have urged countries to reduce their carbon footprint.

Some countries started taking the initiative to increase their Green Quotient, ever since issues raging the planet were unearthed by scientists. Yale and Colombia University created a list of the greenest countries, who have taken steps to reduce their emissions. Below is the list of the Top 10!

Rank 10Colombia

Colombia takes the 10th spot. The government took the green initiative by constructing several National Parks, encouraging the growth of medicinal plants. The country is working to get majority of its energy from renewable sources – hydroelectric, solar, biofuels and wind.

Rank 9 – Cuba

This small country off Caribbean has taken some big steps to be a green. To begin with, Cuba laid its emphasis on hydroelectric energy. It was one of the first countries to adopt Kyoto Protocol. The farmers grow food organically, without harmful chemicals and pesticides.

Rank 8 – Austria

Austria faces very little challenges environmentally (heavy population, industries), but it takes green efforts seriously. Austria, along with Czech Republic is developing eco-friendly garden across the border. During 2010 Olympics, Austrians built a “passive house” which cools and heats naturally!

Rank 7 – France

France has recently woken up to environmental issues. By 2020, the country plans to cut its emissions by 20%. France is encouraging organic farming and plans to increase renewable energy production by 15%. Infact, if a home owner decides to use solar energy, they pay lesser tax!

Rank 6 – Mauritius

Mauritius has decided to rely on Wind Power and sugarcanes for their energy needs! The country is taking steps to recycle. The country is keeping its waters and beaches clean by burning solid waste and not dumping it in the ocean.

Rank 5 – Norway

Norway is aiming to be a Carbon-neutral country, by 2030. Infact, the country banned the use of oil-powered heating system in 2009! Norway is proactively looking for alternative fuels and reducing deforestation. The country is encouraging businesses to look for greener energy.

Rank 4 – Sweden

28% of energy in Sweden comes from renewable sources and aiming to get most of its electricity from nuclear, hydroelectric and wind energy. The country is hoping to stop using fossil fuels by 2020. Many Swedish people drive cars powered by methane, which is obtained from natural sources.

Rank 3 – Costa Rica

Costa Rica aims to be carbon-neutral by 2021. The country is taking serious efforts to obtain energy from renewable sources. Costa Rica is a major agricultural country and farmers are encouraged to grow food in forest and not cut it down.

Rank 2 – Switzerland

Switzerland bags the 2nd rank. Some of the efforts taken by the country are pretty drastic! In some cities cars are not allowed and citizens have to either walk or ride a bike. Since it’s a popular tourist destination, hotels are encouraged to take green steps. The country is now building several Alpine parks!

Rank 1 – Iceland

Iceland walks with the accolade of being the greenest country! Iceland taps the potential of geothermal energy. The country also hopes to be the first to successfully use Hydrogen as a fuel. The country’s efforts must be applauded. At one point, 70% of its energy came from coal. Today, it’s roughly 18%.

Iceland has successfully become a green land!

If you are curious about India’s rank – it’s 123! Infact, India is the 4th most polluting nation! Let’s change our habits and take efforts to become a green country. If everyone collectively tries, India can be in this list too!

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