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13 Safety Rules to Follow While You Are Riding a Two-Wheeler

Posted by Royal Sundaram on 10 Jul 2018


If you are one to own a vehicle in India, you will be aware of the adversities it causes to commute. Apart from the uneven roads filled with potholes or undulating streets, the people on the road along with you are equally troublesome. Unlike, abroad, the traffic in India is ten times slower and the road discipline is much worse.

Hence, for  two-wheeler vehicle riders, it is like going into a battlefield. Therefore, you need to walk in with all the armour you can take. The best protection for any biker in India is getting a two-wheeler insurance policy. This will not only protect you and your vehicle but also insure you against third party liabilities.

For all bikers out there, the second-best thing you can do is educate yourself with some knowledge on making it past the unruly traffic and uneven roads everyday:

  1. Be smooth

This does not imply that you need to be slow, but ensure that when you are riding you do not overconsume the brakes. This will give the rider or driver behind you the wrong message and causes accidents.

  1. Watch other’s movements

Always be wary that there are other people on the roads who you are accountable to as well. Hence, you need to be aware of their movements. Watch the indicators of vehicles ahead and behind you.

  1. Do not get in between a rider and a divider

Do not ever try to cut between a rider who is closer to the divider. This could be problematic for you if he decides to turn to your side because you will be caught in the divider then.

  1. Use your head as a signal

As rider language, apart from using your indicators, also use your head as a signal of your whereabouts. Tilt your head towards the direction you are going or get your co-rider to do so with their hand.

  1. Cover your brakes

Always have one hand on your front brake and a leg on your rear brake to navigate through traffic without jerking too much.

  1. Maintain your speed perceptions

Maintain a good understanding on your speed. Just because the road looks slightly open does not imply that you can go full throttle. Be wary that others on the road might have the same perception. Hence, gauge the speed accordingly.

  1. Be ready with power

In traffic, it is always advisable to be ready with power. This will allow for a smooth transition from a stationary situation to quick movement. This also allows you to be aware of the situations around you.

  1. Stick to one side in slow traffic

In slow traffic, do not try to cut into any space available. Keep in mind the next riders would want to do the same thing. There are untold designated bike lanes which usually lie to the left of most lanes. Follow this file to ease your ride.

  1. Keep a 4 second following distance

When you are in a mild-traffic situation, keep in mind the 2-4 second distance rule. This means that you should stay far enough for it to take you 2-4 seconds to reach the vehicle ahead of you.

  1. Study the surface

While riding, always study the surface of the road ahead. Keep your eyes on the road so you can gauge your speed and agility accordingly.

  1. Never come between a driver and a turning

If you are in line to take a turn, do not come in between a driver and a turning. This could be a dangerous position to be in. Always stay on the open side of the car or bike while turning.

  1. Avoid blind spots

We know that filling up blind spots while travelling can be luring. But keep in mind that blind spots are also hotspots for accidents. Hence, it is always better to maintain some distance.

  1. Make room for other’s mistakes

Finally, since you need to be wary of your ways, it is always beneficial that you keep room for other’s mistakes. This will avoid you from being part of that mistake, thereby, avoiding a mishap.

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One response to “13 Safety Rules to Follow While You Are Riding a Two-Wheeler”

  1. Thomas says:

    We are so eager to reach our destination that we often break the traffic laws and in the bargain meet with an accident or our cause for other person’s accident. Thank you for these safety rules. It’s time we be cautious!

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