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13 Tips to increase mileage of Your Bike

Posted by Royal Sundaram on 10 Jul 2019


Mileage is an important performance indicator of an automobile that determines the distance it can travel in a particular amount of fuel. In fact, it is a strong decision-making factor when it comes to purchasing a new or second hand two-wheeler. Poor mileage erodes the value of a bike, howsoever expensive or attractive it may be. Hence, take a look at these following tips which will help you to increase the mileage of your bike –

  • * Ride your bike at a steady speed – Maintaining a constant speed will help you achieve higher mileage. Thus, you must avoid rash driving and try to ride your bike at a steady speed of 30kmph to 50kmph.
  • * Avoid parking your vehicle in sunlight – This is yet another important thing you need to consider if you want to increase the mileage of your car. You should not park your vehicle in sunlight as this will result in the vaporization of fuel. Therefore, will reduce the mileage.
  • * Turn off the engine when your vehicle is idle – If you are stuck in a traffic or at the red light, then try to turn off the engine. It is true that your vehicle consumes less fuel when it’s idle, but that is only for few minutes. Therefore, it is advisable to turn off your engine if your vehicle is standing idle for a long time.
  • * Prefer good quality fuel – Make sure your bike is filled with good quality fuel. This keeps the engine in a good condition and also, improves the efficiency.
  • * Maintain tyre pressure –Check your vehicle’s tyre pressure regularly. When it comes to mileage, tyre pressure plays a very important role. Therefore, you should frequently check the air pressure in your tyres while driving as low tyre pressure decreases the mileage.
  • * Ride your bike in proper gear – Do not run your bike in a low gear for a very long time. Ride your bike in proper gear as this will help in the betterment of your fuel efficiency.
  • * Get your bike serviced regularly: Get your bike serviced regularly as this keeps it in a good condition and also increases the mileage.
  • * Check the engine oil regularly –Bad engine oil gives poor performance and also decreases the mileage. Thus, check the engine oil regularly. You can also use the same oil that is preferred by the company during service.
  • * Check the fuel pipe, fuel filter, and petrol tank on regular basis.
  • * Avoid using clutch while accelerating.
  • * Lubricate the chain on regular basis – If you live in a place where there’s too much dirt, sand, and dust, then you must lubricate your bike’s chain regularly or else engine will take much time to absorb the fuel.
  • * While riding a bike, avoid pressing the clutch too hard as this reduces the mileage of your bike.
  • * Do not drive your bike with dirty or clogged air filters as this will reduce the efficiency of your bike and thereby reduces the mileage.

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